Inside The Pole Expo

As most of you know, this past weekend I went up to Mississauga for the 2013 Pole Expo and I’m still trying to fathom how to put everything that was amazing about it into words!


Let’s start with me day specifically. I was registered for five workshops that day – Advanced, Flexi, Exotic, Advanced, Bendy. Aside from learning an astounding amount, my the right side of my body feels like I got hit by a train. Maybe five was a bit ambitious… lol

There are million reasons why I adore taking workshops. Sometimes, as a dancer, you get stuck in a rut. While you “know” lots of moves, you use the same old ones you’re comfortable with in your routines. It’s nice to try something new, challenging and have your ass handed to you occasionally.

I love learning where I went wrong as a pole dancer- wait, let me rephrase that. Since I learned a lot of tricks myself,ย  l love learning a better, safer way to teach them to my students than the route I followed. It’s nice to have someone else take control every so often and let them do the explaining.

Workshop w. Crystal Lai

Workshop w. Crystal Lai

I also adore workshops because I get to meet all sorts of instructors, personalities and teaching styles. Most people go to learn moves, which is awesome. Or to make friends with other like minded polers- again awesome. But I love experiencing other peoples teaching technique.

While all of the instructors were amazing and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, this time around my favorite workshops had to be that of Charlee Wagner.

As most of us know, I’m a snob. Seriously, I’ll admit it. I judge instructors on how they explain, spot and overall how they run their class.

So why did I enjoy Charlee’s workshops so much (that’s right, I took two with her!)? Well, aside from her bubbly, kinda cursy attitude (crap, I guess we have the same attitude!) she started off asking about injuries – definitely score points. She not only asked, she wrote them down and remembered. She is also one hell of a spotter. Not a “I’ll stand behind you and catch you” but she will actually help lift, move and hold your body into the position to help create a muscle memory. I also enjoyed that she had an actual lesson plan, was able to breakdown her moves and most importantly explain why you need to move your body a certain way. It was well done.

Charlee & the Advanced Class

Charlee & the Advanced Class

Overall, the workshops gave me a zillion things to work on- which I’m so excited about. It’s not often I get too sore from pole anymore but my body is definitely feeling some bruising, muscle anger and fatigue ๐Ÿ™‚

But there’s more..

I love Expos like this because the community is amazing. Since pole dancing is still very separated from normal society it is amazing to be in a place with people who love it as much as I do. People who understand that you need shorter shorts, or your hands are screaming from callouses. People who feed off the energy of one another because we all love the same thing. This physically demanding, high energy, contortion-like sport.

And the support in workshops is awesome. We’re not there to compete with each other. Chances are you’ll meet some amazingly helpful polers in your workshops who want nothing more than to help you nail the move at hand.

Me & Fawnia

Me & Fawnia

One girl I met had flown in from BC for the weekend and helped spot me as she was leaving for her next workshop. You get to talk personal tips, tricks and struggles with people you’re just meeting.

Expo’s are such a high energy, amazing experience that I wish there were more. They always leave me aspiring for new tricks, holds and grace. They always ingrain in me why I love pole dancing and how far you can go in it. And they always leave you wanting more.

So while my body is currently in a state of rebellion from all the pole work. And I’m not sure if I could grip a coffee mug let alone a pole today, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Happy Dancing ๐Ÿ™‚