I’m still not a stripper

The other day I met a very interesting woman who teaches belly dancing. We got talking about the stigma that comes with unique forms of dance and how frustrating they can be.

While she went on her rant about how challenging and empowering belly dancing is she says “I mean really, at least I’m not a pole dancer!”. Not having shared my passion with her I started to laugh.


How is it, you can spend 25min telling me you hate societies preconceived ideas of one form of dancing only to express the same hypocritical thought yourself?!

Let me get this sorted out, I am not, nor have I ever been a stripper. Yes I pole dance. And yes sometimes my dancing instead of being completely focused on technique is a bit flirty. It still does not mean I take of my clothes for money (shocking, I know).

For those of you who have not tried pole dancing, it is hard work. Holding, spinning and contorting your body around an object with just your own strength is a challenge. It keeps me fit, relieves my stress and never ceases the challenge me (this is the basis of most fitness programs as well).

Recently pole dancing has been compared to gymnastics, featured in many magazines and publication and has even been petitioned to be included in the Olympics.

Yes it is still seen as something “dirty”, only to be done in the privacy of your own home or a gentleman’s club. If you pole dance you “must” be a stripper right? I find this amusing, as pole dancing is extremely technical.

You can’t just flip upside down and expect that it will look graceful and elegant. But despite the hard work it takes to dance the other thing that makes me laugh is strippers themselves.

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but strippers are normally pretty hot. They have the athletic looking bodies most people aspire for. Why? Because dancing around a pole for hours every night is HARD WORK!

If you don’t believe that it takes serious dedication to be a worthwhile pole dancer, if you think that it is simply dancing around a pole shaking your ass, then please set up an appointment with me- I would love to show you what pole dancing actually entails. I doubt that half the people who think that pole dancing is “dirty” would be fit enough or have enough strength to do what I do on the pole.

So dancers, the next time someone has a comment to say about pole dancing, find a pole and see if they can keep up.

Keep dancing 🙂