I’m an Addict

It’s official, I’m addicted to poling… again. I have always gone through phases with my dancing. Some months I’ll put in a solid effort, while others I drift off sometimes going months without even a spin.

Since Christmas, I have been dancing pretty steadily, but this past week I realized that I’m fully addicted.

All I want to do is pole. I think about combinations and tricks while I fall asleep. I make lists of moves I was to land by the end of the month. This week alone I have danced four times already – on top of my strength workouts! Bruises are lightly lining all major areas of my body, my right foot is a bloody mess and all I want is more.

Balance has always been tricky for me, I believe in throwing myself fully into something and giving it my all. Well right now that thing is pole dancing. I could not be happier.

In the last two weeks I have landed more moves and combos than the past two months. I’ve tried routines and moves I never would have thought I’d be doing – and I love it. I must attribute part of my success to a great group of ladies I practice with. It’s helpful to always have a pole buddy to shoot new ideas off of.

Pole dancing has become fun again. It’s not something I do just because I feel I have to learn a new move. It’s something I do because I feel a strong desire to dance and to improve.

Most of all it has reminded me that consistency and dedication pay off. That being happy while you work for something is important.

There is not much time in the day that I don’t think about pole dancing and it’s only when my muscles are screaming and refusing to hold me do I stop. But after all the bruises, scrapes and soreness, I feel awesome.

I am once again a pole addict and it feels great.

Keep dancing ๐Ÿ™‚