I Was Just Like You

The other day I was going through my dresser and found an old journal *don’t worry- no personal graphics to come. And as I sat down to read through it a bit it was quite eye opening.

I think this particular journal circles back to about the fall of 2011. At this point in my journey I was what a lot of people would call “fit”. I worked out (very different workouts than I rock now!) and most of my meals were healthy. But…

And this is a really big common but here…

I didn’t look it. Not really. I had no obvious muscle tone or development, my glutes were non existent and I had a “pouch” that would just not go away. Even though I was weighing only five ish pounds more, I looked, well, not great.

Always tiny but not overly great for 6+ workouts a week...

Always tiny but not overly great for 6+ workouts a week…


And this journal explained why.

So in my quest for rock hardness I decided to track my workouts, and my successes and failures each day as to why I may not look the way I’d like., Holy cripes was it eye opening!

I got in a workout each and every day (well 5-6 days/week). And I successfully at healthy meals. But my failure… well… fak.

Each and every day my failures looked like this: one donut/extra latte/bagel with cream cheese/cake/cookies as well as 1-2 drinks per day.

And my favorite part:

A big * from Friday and Saturday that says “weekends still don’t count”.


Ahh jeez.

Now, I bet you’re looking at my “fails” as being not so bad. And you’re right. Overall, from the total of my day they are not. But in terms of shaving off the last 5-10 and that pouch area they most definitely are. It may only be one fail each day but all those days add up and all it equals out to is a habit and consistency. And exactly what was preventing me from shaving off the last little bit.

It took me another few months to get my act together. I cut out daily drinking first which was the hardest part for me. And then one by one I changed my snacks. I learned ot eat when I was hungry but chose quality food over crap. I learned to indulge but not all the time. And slowly my body responded.

After roughly four months of HARD choices!

Now a days, this is just how I am. These are my daily habits and I don’t give it a second thought. But those 4-6 months were terrible. It was hard and challenging and required constant thought.

Why am I telling you this? Because people seem to think that trainers/athletes/lean bodies are “outside the norm”. But we’re not. At one point, we were all just like you. Struggling to make the best possible choices day in and day out. Stumbling, failing and learning bit by bit.

While my habits now seem foreign to you, this is just my way of life- and it was a long time in the making. But due to that process, the consistent choices, the lifestyle change, this is what I look like now- post baby.

Shameless selfie and a bad one at that!

Shameless selfie and a bad one at that!

Definitely not the most show casing picture but consider this: I’ve put three inches of mass on my bum (yay I finally have a bum!). I increased my shoulder size and leaned out my arms overall thus for the first time ever actually having some arm definition. And I put on four solid pounds of muscle.

So if you’re struggling, first and foremost know that it’s okay! That we’ve all been there. That help is always around if you ask.

However, keep in mind that it is the little things that add up. The daily indulgences, the choices you make without even thinking- the habits. Anyone can change but it’s not easy. And for those of us that already eat “pretty healthy” but want to smooth out that last little bit, the choices you make day in and day out are crucial.

So on that note: rock it. Stay positive. And as always, get in touch if you need some help.