I Thought I was Cool

The other week I wrote a blog titled “I was just like you“. The blog chatted about how people have this view of trainers: that their body miraculously responds because they love what they do. But that’s far from the case. I wasn’t fit growing up, or a healthy eater and all I’ve accomplished took a damn long time.

Which of course got me thinking of pole and all I’ve done there. You see, it dawned on me that I’ve been pole dancing for the better part of a decade. And that is a really long freaking time. And for the most part, every year I feel I’ve gotten a bit better.


And there’s always a but– It was around five years ago that I thought I was good. Like really good. I had just “learned” to handspring and clearly that made me a bad ass. I use the term “learn” loosely as this was long before I was ever taught.


One of my first handsprings… well a sort of handspring… actually it’s just terrible

Looking back at the photo I want to cry. Not only do I just look so awkward, it’s really freaking dangerous! My form (or lack thereof) is atrocious and truthfully, I’m surprised (but thankful) that I didn’t severely injure myself.

And that’s part of the problem with just poling at home. It’s tricky to learn moves properly and safely.

My handspring along with my knowledge has come a long way, If I had a client show up to me with that type of a handspring looking for more advanced moves it would be a no-brainer to force them to regress and learn some technique.

My Handspring two years later

My Handspring two years later

My handspring a few days ago

My handspring a few days ago

But I’m telling you, I thought I was cool. I could handspring. I could also do a yogini.. well if you count that as one (below)

This is horrid

This is horrid

The reason I am showing you these pictures isn’t to embarrass myself, though I am a bit red cheeked at the moment! It’s to remind you all that while I may look good on the pole now… I promise that was not always the case.

Here’s a picture of one of an outside leg hang- the knee is hooked horrifically making it an insecure contact point and my lack of flexibility and body awareness is evident.

A very old very sad looking gemini

A very old very sad looking gemini

Just like you, I struggled, stumbled, slipped and looked horribly uncoordinated. I thought I was a badass five years ago and look at those pictures. These are some of my more frequent pictures five years later.

File 2016-05-17, 3 06 40 PM

Forearm Hold

Learning takes time. It takes effort. It takes consistency. But you know all that- because I’ve ranted about it a zillion times.

File 2016-05-17, 3 10 15 PM


The point is, as long as you are learning safely, don’t be discouraged that you’re not learning fast enough. Everyone is different. Focus on your enjoyment, that feeling you get when you can twirl and spin and feel like you’re flying and try not to compare yourself to others.

We’ve all started somewhere 🙂