I Guess That Makes Me A Runner?

This past weekend I did something I said I was going to do.. I ran a 5k. The “Do It For Dads” 5k actually.

Pre-Race Jitters!

Pre-Race Jitters!

Most of you know by now that this running goal has been on my to-do list since March. It was a goal I was not looking forward to, one that was horrible to start, and one that it feels great to finish.

I’ve actually run five kilometers three times now.

My first time was straight through and took me 28:47 minutes. I wasn’t planning on doing the full five but got so angry that I was so close I decided to just push forward even though I was struggling at twenty minutes. I felt like death afterwards. I wanted to vomit and my quads ceased (to be fair I did heavy deadlifts that morning).

Me My Super Supportive Hubby

Me My Super Supportive Hubby

The next time I ran five k I jogged ten minutes, walked one and a half, jogged eight walked one and a half and the finished. So a total of three minutes walking. I finished this one in 28:21 minutes. Clearly I was running just ever so slightly faster. I still felt pretty crappy afterwards but the puke feeling wore off sooner. However, I had squatted heavy that morning and my legs were killing even a half hour later (Note: having crippled legs and carrying a ten month old up stairs sucks massively).

Just one of cheering squad!

Just one of cheering squad!

For the actual race/charity thing I was nervous. Which my husband told me was super silly as I could walk if I wanted to, no one was going to care! But still, nervous. So I went in with the approach that if I wanted to walk a minute for every mile it wasn’t a big deal. I’d just do what I felt like.

I went over my list of rules for running. These include:

My Fantastic Tips For Running

Don’t do a heavy weight workout the morning of your run (you’d think this was common sense…)

Have good music (I made a specific playlist of songs proven to keep me “jacked up”)

Double tie your shoes (I learned this the hard way on that first five k run and didn’t want to stop so I ran while trying to look at my shoes for a minute – don’t do this, you look like an idiot)

Warm up – obviously important I have a specific warm that I do. Truthfully it’s not great mainly because I hate warming up

Lastly, put on your big girl panties and just get sh*t done

Personally, I think my rules are awesome.

I ran in 28 minutes and 34 seconds and I am proud of that. Buuutttt I was on track to hit twenty seven minutes but slowed my pace for the last one and a half kilometers. Mainly because it was hot. Seriously, it was 29 degrees out (who runs on that?!).

File 2016-06-19, 7 47 34 PM

Post Run Shelby

Of course now I wish I wouldn’t have but it is what it is. At one point on the way home the trainer in me thought “stupid time, now I have to do it again to hit the twenty seven mark”. But the Shelby in me sad “there’s not enough running crack to go around to make me repeat that and try to be faster”.

I did finish within the top twenty which made me feel pretty bad ass. I would have high kicked when I heard… had I had any freaking energy left. Oh and side note: little kids are fast. Two kids (one twelvish and one nine ish) finished ahead of me. They are true badasses.

Feeling sweaty but proud

Feeling sweaty but proud

Mainly I’m happy that I went through the experience. Running will never be my most favorite type of exercise but I do appreciate it. Everyone at the race was extremely encouraging and cheerful which, to someone who works out alone, was a bit overwhelming. Nice but odd ๐Ÿ˜›

For any of you who are thinking of learning to run, I highly recommend the couch to five 5 app. It feels like you might die for the first three weeks but it does get better. Well, until one day you run eight walk five run eight and the next it tells you to run twenty minutes straight. Seriously what the balls is that?

My last tip for any aspiring runners is this: You need to be fit to run. You shouldn’t run to be fit.

It sucks to hear but I think if you are literally just starting your fitness journey that there are better options for your body. And because…. #runningsucks .

And to all the hardcore runners: You. Are. Insane.

Sincerely, weightlisftinglover


Ps: three people in the Shelby Team at the finish line and no one got a crossing the line pic : and I quote “we didn’t think you’d be done that fast”. Uhh… thanks? I love my family ๐Ÿ˜€