Three Tips To Workout While Traveling

Just like any other time on social media, it’s not unheard of to see me upside down, working up a sweat or eating ridiculously nutritious food… even while traveling!

However, many gym goers, even the die hard struggle with maintaining their workout routine while traveling. So let’s fix that! In the blog below are three of my top tips for working out while traveling and two of my go-to workouts.

Who this blog is for: anyone looking to stay on track with workouts while traveling

Who this blog is not for: people who don’t care about how they look, feel or perform 😛


When  was younger I thought I would love to travel. And while I do love a hard earned vacation, as it turns out, I’m a pretty big homebody.

I thrive on routine, I love my studio and I am very particular about what I eat on the best of days let alone when someone else has prepared it.

How can you not love this homemade goodness?

How can you not love this homemade goodness?

But as I said, sometimes vacations are needed and I do enjoy them.

However, like many of you, I thrive on routine and sweaty workout sessions. So while vacation may have more relax time it does not have less workout time!

Truthfully I adore getting in a workout while traveling because I feel like I have as much time as I like and can do whatever I want. Versus trying to squeeze a sweat session in between clients, baby and everything else.

That said, I know a lot of people struggle with workouts and vacation. Either through motivation or they’re simply not sure what to do as equipment varies and can get a bit sparse!

So below are my top three tips to maintaining your workouts while traveling!

Tip # One: Bring Your Own Gear

Trx Straps


Bands Running Shoes

I do this everywhere I go. Seriously,  don’t travel light (between workout gear, workout clothes, a mini blender and my water filter my suitcase takes a beating!).

Personally, I like to travel with my TRX straps as they give me the most bang for my buck. You can literally do hundreds of exercises on them and they can be thrown off the back of a door or around a tree. If I’m going somewhere like a cottage they’re my favorite.

However, if I know I need to keep it simple I opt to bring resistance bands. They take up slightly less room and can be used to get in a pretty awesome workouts.

Then there’s the option of just your own body! There are some amazing bodyweight workouts you can put to the test on vacation, so truly there is no excuse to be a slacker (unless that’s your thing on vacation :P). Don’t under estimate bodyweight training, you’ll be sorely surprised!

File 2016-07-11, 7 17 35 PM

My go-to travel workout gear

Tip # Two: Plan Your Damn Workouts

Plan which days you will workout

Plan what workouts you will be doing

“Failure to plan is planning to fail” – this quote could not be more true! If you leave your workouts to guessing games you will accomplish nothing.

Make sure you plan the days that you’ll be working out as well ass the specific routine you’ll be doing. Personally, I plan for my workouts early in the morning before or after breakfast. If I leave it later in the day activities normally come up and drinks are had. It’s much better for me to get up, smash a session and be up for anything the remainder of the day!

Make sure you bring your routine (or a couple options with you). Without a plan you’ll aimlessly do some push ups, squats and possibly a band bicep curl. Basically, your workout will suck. Bring along a couple workouts to chose from based on time/enjoyment and you’ll be far more ready to jump in!

Tip # Three: Enjoy The Damn Workout

Bring multiple workouts and chose whichever style you enjoy most

You are on vacation- so act like it! If you don’t feel like skipping rope intensely for 20 minutes change it up. When I workout while traveling I use the time to get in all the exercises I love that are nor currently in my program or just that I enjoy.

Bring along a couple different types of workouts and really enjoy going through them. Maybe it’s a workout you haven’t done in a while, or maybe you’re trying something new. Regardless, don’t dread your workouts while on vacation!

Lastly, below are two of the more common workouts I have used in the past. While I normally program specifically for each vacation depending on my goals at the time, these two workouts I’ve used multiple times in the past.



5min cardio (for me skipping)

4min walking lunges & mountain climbers

3min push ups and band rows

2min squats and band deadlifts

1min plank Repeat

2-3x w. full rest between sets


A Bit Of Everything
A1. Inv countdown: band deadlift/band row 20-12

B1. Band good morning x12

B2. 1.5 squats x10

B3. High Row x12

B4. Single leg romanian deadlift x10e 4 sets

C1. Tricep push ups 2 x 15

D1. Deep side lunge x10 each

D2. Glute Bridge x20

D3. Hollow Hold 2 x 20s

2 sets


Now, before my social media gets bombarded with “ugh you seriously have to workout on vacation? Wtf” comments… The reason I maintain a workout schedule while on vacation or traveling isn’t because I need to “burn off the extra calories I eat” or truly “stay lean” it’s because I enjoy it. Really enjoy it. I love working up a sweat,  I love feeling my muscles contract, knowing I’m doing something great for my body and of course; I love routine 😉

Need help planning workouts for your next vacation? Let’s chat and send you in with a plan!