How To TRULY Survive The Holidays

Oh the holidays. Whatever you celebrate, or nothing at all, this upcoming month is full of festivities, cheer and…. indulgence.

christmas indulgence

At about this time, if not earlier, campaigns start popping up on “how best to stay lean during the festivities”. These campaigns outline all the tricks needed to “stay fit” and not “over indulge” or “keep losing weight” while you attempt to enjoy some sort of celebration.

But really, there is only one time tested secret. And I am going to share it with you.

The only one true way to “survive” the Holidays is simply, not to survive at all.

Hear me out.

Each year thousands of people implement things like


  • Increasing workout volume
  • Eating before the party
  • Planning a cheat meal
  • Bringing their own dessert


A number of these I personally do during the holidays… but I also do them year round.

And that, makes all the difference in the world.


The holidays shouldn’t need “surviving”. Unless you are planning to enter a figure competition shortly after, everything you do for your goals should be lifestyle related. Making lasting changes is the only way to see and maintain results.

Placing yourself on a “detox diet” before and after Christmas really isn’t practical. There are indulgent Holidays throughout the rest of the year as well. The true secret is learning how to take them in stride, enjoy them and continue to see results.

Make the steps to your goals a true change, not a temporary one. The holidays are no excuse for an all out binge. But enjoyment shouldn’t disappear either.

Find a balance. It’s called life. It isn’t a diet. It isn’t about “surviving”. It’s about enjoying the journey, accepting the faults and being true to yourself.

So don’t “survive” this month, enjoy it! Your lifestyle should already be set, this season should simply be a part of it.

Happy Awesomeness ๐Ÿ™‚