How Often Should I Train?

Last week I posted a blog about why pole dancers need to strength train. I had mentioned that it still enrages me that so many people are scared to lift weights. However, the responses I received challenged that. The replies and emails that came in were not about fear, but lack of understanding about how to lift heavy weights.


The two most common questions I was asked were: How often should I strength train and How often? Today I’m going to take a look at the first one…

As a pole dancer, how often should I strength train?

This question will be answered differently for everyone, but the first thing I would tell you, is that it depends on how much you are pole dancing. While strength training and pole dancing are a great combination, too much of both can lead to overtraining. Overtraining causes fatigue, hormone alterations and can lead to injury.

The easiest way to prevent overtraining is to have a plan. Make certain you know what days you are strength training and what days you are pole dancing. Ensuring your program contains specific rest days is also a key.


Another key to preventing overtraining is to cycle your intensities. You cannot “go hard” all the time. Your intensity should be cycled both weekly and monthly depending on your goals.

An example schedule looks like this:


Day of Week









Weights + cardio








This type of breakdown is geared towards beginners. If you have never lifted weights before, stick to full body programs and make certain you listen to how your body is feeling. If you need an extra rest day, take it.

Once you progress and start feeling comfortable with training you can increase the frequency (see below).

Day of Week Workout
Monday Pole
Tuesday Lower#1
Wednesday Upper
Thursday Rest
Friday Lower#2
Saturday Pole
Sunday Rest


Splitting up your muscle groups allows you to give more rest time in between sessions. However, you still need to listen to how your body is responding to changing your programs, take rest time when you need it.

Remember that these suggestions are just that, suggestions. If you’re feeling to sore or run down you need to come up with a schedule that works for your body.

Happy Training 🙂

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