How Do You Do It?

It’s a question I get asked a lot: How do you do it?

With a new (omg she’s two and a half months already?!) babe making time to “be healthy” is definitely not what it used to be!

Once upon a time, about three months ago, I had all the time in the world to workout, do yoga, prep food and try new recipes.

But now things are.. ahh a bit more hectic 😉

However, post baby, I have yet to miss one single workout. I have lost all but six pounds of my pregnancy weight and we still eat homemade meals each night of the week.



So how do I do it?


 I just do.

All of the things listed above are priorities for me. Meaning, they are not options. My workouts, my nutrition and my body come first. Period.

non negotiable


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a walk in the park. But I make it work. I prefer to complete my workouts in the morning as I feel like my day never really truly starts until I do. But if it doesn’t happen- due to a fussy babe- then you bet your ass I’ll be in that studio at some other point during the day.

I make it happen.

The same goes for my nutrition. While I may not have time to try new recipes each week, I stick to the staples and ensure we eat real, homemade, healthy food each night.

The reason I succeed to well is easy: I keep it simple but consistent.


While I prefer to lift heavy, many women don’t have a full studio at home, and trips to the gym are few and far between. The answer? Get a rock hard body with at home bodyweight workouts. Your training regimen doesn’t have to be the most elite one possible, just make it one you’ll stick to.

Eating healthy meals is the same. Chose recipes that are easy to prep and make a lot. Our weeks meals may not be mind blowing, but they taste good, are simple and take under twenty minutes to through together after prep.

The bottom line is that I get results because I make time for my priorities. This means that yes, my house could probably use a good dusting. And some days, it takes over an hour to brush my hair and change into presentable clothes. And to be honest, my bed is rarely made up. But I don`t care about those things.


I care about my body and my mentality.. and keeping to a workout routine and fueling myself with proper food is what keeps me sane.

So to answer the question How do I do it? The answer is simple:

I make it a priority