3 Ways To Prevent Injury As A Pole Dancer

With the rise of pole dancing in the real world (yay!) more people than ever are getting injured. As much as I love pole dancing, we seem to have forgotten that it can be as dangerous a sport as any other. We are constantly defying gravity, contorting our bodies and pushing pushing pushing for more.…

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Why people fail with nutrition goals

3 Common Food Goal Fails

You’ve set a goal and you are hell bent on achieving it – way to go! If you’re like most people though, the goal in question tends to be pushed further and further back by the week. Nutrition, while simple to some can be a very hard conquest to others and often a bit overwhelming.…

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3 Reasons Yo Should Do Paused Reps

If you’ve never played around with paused reps you’re missing out on a whole lot of awesome. Paused reps can definitely be hard as hell but they’re oh so worth it. I first started training with paused reps when my back squat hit a huge plateau that I could just not break through. For six…

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