6 Exercises For A Better Butt

Bums, glutes, backsides whatever you want to call them I love them. I’ve written before (here and here) about glutes and how to improve them. I’ve written about myself as well as clients. I love glutes. And yet so many people still think the best way to get strong glutes is to squat. While I’m not…

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7 Unilateral Exercises That Should Be In Your Programs

If you’re looking to become stronger or even prevent injuries, you should be adding some unilateral exercises into your workout routines. Not only does training one limb at a time help improve your overall performance but it also helps strengthen the core muscles: something many mamas need help with. You may not be looking to…

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4 Moves Every Poler Should Learn Before Inverting

When you first start pole dancing you practically count down the days before you can invert! Being upside down is probably one of your biggest goals when you thought of poling. And while I adore being upside down, the truth is many people need a lot of time before they’re ready. Psst: too lazy to…

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