3 Ab Exercises Every Poler Should Do

Abs. Everyone wants them but not many people train them to be functional. Sure, you can hypertrophy your rectus abdominis and possibly get lean enough to show off your abs. But, what do they do. Instead of aiming for the ultimate six pack, aim to improve the abdominals strength and overall function with the rest…

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Four Plank Variations To Make Life Harder

Planks are one of those standards that people think everyone should do. But to be honest, most people holding a plank are just hanging out. They’re barely even contracting their muscles and instead just holding on and waiting for it to be over. Too lazy to read? Check the video out here! Exercises like that have…

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5 Moves Every Poler Should Know

Back when I started pole dancing, there weren’t a whole lot of “moves”. If you could do a hip hold, you were pretty bad ass.  But now-a-days the amount of moves in the pole world is insane. And what’s worse, people are learning so sporadically and without any progressive instruction it’s horrifying (but I guess…

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