File 2016-08-31, 8 03 18 PMWelcome to my website! I'm Shelby and I'm your all around pole obsessed, rigidly oriented lifter and general foodie freak. If you work your way through the site you will probably learn a thing or two but you'll also have some good laughs at both what I get up to on the daily as well as the amount of ranting one person is capable of! So sift through the links below and enjoy! If you care to learn the full story, check it out here.


A few of my credentials...

Pole Dancing

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Getting Lucky

Sexy Pole Time

Embracing Learning

The Ups & Downs

A Struggling Dancer

Protein For Pole

Shutting Down

Dancer Versus Trickster

Those Who Can't Do Teach

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Pole Sport

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The Perfect Student

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Step Out Of Your Category 

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Strength Training/Gym Time/Working Out