Hibernation Is Upon Us

Well polers, while there has yet to be too much snow the temperatures have finally dropped. I for one have been consuming mass amounts of tea, pulling out my warmest of leg warmers and preparing to hibernate.

And while I am at times (well I guess most times) very bitter that the cold has set in I am also extremely grateful for.. well.. EVERYTHING right now!


This past weekend I dragged myself out of bed on a Sunday morning at ungodly hours to participate in a Flow & Glow workshop. While I didn’t care for the yoga portion (the instructor not yoga in general) I feel in love with learning to make Kombucha. I realized- on a bitter cold, early morning- that I love my life!

I love trying new recipes, sweating, pushing my muscles as hard as I can, learning about new things and most importantly; I love what my body is capable of – I love my health.


I love waking up on a cold morning to a hot cup of coffee, not having to leave my house and the ability to make tea all day long – I love my lifestyle

I love watching new polers nail new or hard earned moves. I love watching someone else fight through a workout they didn’t think they could do. And I love the enthusiasm of my clients – I love my job

Lastly, I love bundling up in hats, scarves and mittens to walk an energetic dog. I love a hot back with a good book. I love watching movies with my own snacks snuggled into a blanket – I love life

The thing is, positivity is contagious. While temperatures are dropping, sun is leaving and your body desires hibernation, a change of mind can make the world of difference. Instead of focusing on all the things you’d love to change make a list of everything you love. A list about your life, your body, your habits.. anything.


So enjoy the perks of cold weather: hot tea, fuzzy socks, soft blankets, nights in, hot chocolate and good company ๐Ÿ™‚

And when all else fails… pole!