Health Freak

The other day a good friend of mine and I were out for coffee. When the lady at the counter asked if I wanted anything with my coffee (banana bread, cookies etc). I declined. My friends nose wrinkled a little bit and we moved on.

Later that week I attended a dinner get together at another friends. I asked what we were having ahead of time and adjusted my meals throughout the day accordingly. When we got there, I had a chicken breast and some of the garden salad. I am aware that I passed up store bought macaroni and potato salad, buns, kraft cheese etc.


When one of the girls asked if I would like a bun for my chicken, I politely declined. And then I got “oh you’re one of those people, who don’t eat bread. A health nut”.

What I felt like saying to this lovely person- who I don’t even know by the way!- no I am not one of THOSE people. I just do not feel the need to stuff myself full of garbage, feel sick the rest of the night and have all that bread break down into glucose which will only be stored as fat and won’t even be used to replenish glycogen levels because I already had my post-workout meal! Terribly sorry that my decision of what I AM eating offended YOU.I don’t eat crap.


Instead I took a breath- a deep one I might add- and politely said “nah, I just don’t feel like it. I like the taste of my chicken without bombarding with stuff”. Alright, there might have been an evil eye glare in there somewhere, but hey, I can’t control myself all the time.

The worst part is, this comment bugged me the rest of the night. All too often I’m seen as “snobby”, “too good for ____”, “picky”, “difficult” and “a health nut” simply because I feed my body the nutrients it needs.

It’s bullshit.

But you know what. If eating the way my body needs – notice I said my body, not my cravings allows me to have energy all through the day, teach physically demanding activities over and over again, push the hell out of my own workouts and overall feel confident as hell, than yes, I am a health freak.

And I truly am. I would rather walk by a mirror and love what I see in it than eat a poutine. I would rather look down and see my abs (since I’m constantly in a sports bra) than shovel store bought salad into my face. And I would rather, be able to jump, play and feel amazing all day than eat pie every night after dinner.


I am a health freak. I love fueling my body with what it needs and reaping the results of doing so. Yes I treat myself. I eat cookies, cake and even – gasp- bread! But I plan it, account for it and only do so in proper portions.

So call me a freak, a nut or anything else you can come up with. I’ll be the one at a party eating “rabbit food and protein”. I’ll also be the one in a bikini feeling confident and sexy as hell ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Eating ๐Ÿ™‚