Gym Intimidation

It’s your first time walking into a commercial gym. Your hands are sweaty. You’re eyes are darting around wondering where to go. You settle onto a machine and have no idea how to adjust it. Is everyone looking at you? It feels like they are…


Sound familiar?

Most beginners walking into a gym are nervous. Very nervous. And more often than not, a bit confused. It was a big step just to join the gym… now what?

For anyone who has never previously worked out, joining a gym can be a pretty big ordeal. Most big box gyms begin by completing basic “assessments” which leaves people feeling unfit and even more overwhelmed.


We all know we should workout- but what kind of workout? Machines? Free weights? Which exercises? How many repetitions?

Feeling slightly overwhelmed, the majority of newcomers hit the cardio machines.

Safe. Simple. Easy to use.

Weeks later, they are bored, motivation has decreased and lack of results has lead them to stop going. The cycle begins.

If you’re a gym newbie let me tell you this: feeling nervous is normal. Everyone is a bit overwhelmed to start but you can get past it. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help showing you how to use the equipment. Get set up with a routine you can do, that you feel comfortable doing and stick with it.


Another fear of a beginner is that everyone in the gym is watching you. You feel uncoordinated, clumsy and are sure everyone is watching you make a fool of yourself. I’m not going to say no one notices you but truthfully you’re probably not on their radar. We gym folk tend to be slightly cocky and prefer to stare at ourselves during our rest times and not everyone else ๐Ÿ˜‰ For the odd person that is looking, ignore it. Throw on your music, get into your own groove and let them look.

But what if you just can’t get past it?

If you just can’t get past that feeling then move on. Maybe a smaller studio is more your style? Maybe you’re looking for a personal trainer? Maybe home workouts? Whatever it is, don’t give up.

I get a lot of business simply because my sessions are completely private (click here to see an awesome testimonials). You don’t need to see anyone else (and no one is there to see you) while you work out- except me of course!



Trainers have an unfortunate image of being screaming drill sergeants, but we’re not all like that. Find someone you can relate to, someone you can chat to, someone you trust and someone in a comfortable environment. Those choices alone will get you results faster because you’ll be more willing to stick it out.

For more information about me and my training philosophy click here– or, as always, contact me for more information.


Not everyone was made for big box gyms..find a style that feels right for you.