Goals & Everything About Them

Goals are a funny thing. We make them all the time, publicly and privately. Goals are our innermost desires, our hopes, aspirations and our biggest challenge.

butterflyFor the last few months I’ve been working towards some big personal goals. The first was physical, I decided to perform. The second was looking a certain way for my performance. This involved somewhat of my own transformation.


While I’ve coached many weight loss goals, I’ve never put myself through something so rigorous. I wanted to lean out to 15.5% body fat and complete full water manipulation to draw out my muscles.

When I started on this journey, I was lean. But sitting around 18% body fat. While for most, eighteen is athletic, I wanted to push it further. The thing about your body though, is after a certain spot, it starts to fight your weight loss. That spot for me is about sixteen..

Below is a picture taken late January. Do I have some muscle? Yes. But I also have a classic case of belly pouch caused from a bit too much snacking on the wrong things.

Feb 19- Side

For 10 weeks I worked my butt off. Sticking to my progressive plan, hitting my macro intakes and completing an increasing volume of training.

Week by week my body started to change. Watching your body change and your goals take shape is amazing. It’s inspirational in itself. It forces you to keep pushing.

Feb 21- Side

I wrote a blog about staying motivated (click here to check it out) mentioning having a deadline as one of the key elements. And it’s true. Every day I thought of that deadline. Every time I wanted chocolate and chips I looked at pictures of my body changing.

But body changes are difficult and some weeks prove to be worse than others. The thing about changing your body composition is it doesn’t happen with “kind of’s”. Your body doesn’t care if it was just one cookie, or only a few bites of pizza. All it responds to is consistency and dedication to the macros and nutrients it needs. Period.

March 10- Side2

The second blog I wrote during this process (click here) was a bit more personal and a bit more disheartened. After weeks and weeks of dedication you’re frustrated. You begin to think of all the things you’re missing out on- social gatherings, parties etc. You realize exactly what you’re giving up for your goal.

What people seem to forget in today’s world, is that weight loss is hard. You’ve got to want it. Really want it. With every possible fiber in your body- or it won’t happen.

So I kept pushing. I kept changing. And I kept that end date in the back of my mind.

March 19- Full Side

With three days to go, I strained and partially detached my hamstring.

Devastation is an understatement. Crushed. Angry. Frustrated. All those apply. On a low calorie day, realizing I couldn’t lift my leg, all I wanted was to say “fuck it”. Pour a drink, calm my emotions and eat some bloody food. After all, I wouldn’t be performing.

But I only had three days. I could still do my photo shoot.

After working straight for ten weeks, I was going to throw it away for three days. As pissed off as I was, I stuck it out.

The final result of my transformation was amazing. My belly was flat, my muscles popped and my body fat fell in the fourteens.

March23- Side2

Hitting that goal felt pretty damn good.

And while there were times I was angry and upset I’m glad I stuck to it. It reminded me that goals are possible. Challenging yes. But possible. I don’t think I’ll ever push that low again but I am be damn proud of the achievement.

So now it’s time to set some new goals- and I have a few in mind ๐Ÿ˜‰ Celebrating is no fun if you didn’t earn it. So suck it up, stick it out and keep a positive outlook on the process. Change is possible… with the right amount of dedication .

Happy Achieving ๐Ÿ™‚