From The Ground Up

I am a firm believer in the principal of progression. This is tried and tested in pole dancing, training, teaching and any other goal oriented aspect of life. The old saying “you must learn to run before you can walk” still rings true in my mind.

walk before run

I push this even more when instructing pole clients. You see, pole dancing can sometimes be a whole other entity. One in which the body defies gravity, contorts into unexpected position and look glamorous while doing it.

This is not true.

Pole dancing takes work. Serious work.

And I firmly believe in teaching “from the ground up”.

strengthEvery new student wants to learn how to flip upside down. But the truth is, not many new students are ready for it. A  lot of strength, muscle contraction and mind-muscle connection are needed to invert.

I have always taught the principals of inverting on the floor. I believe that showing clients how to get in & out of a basic invert is not possible once their hips are above their heads and confusion sets in – so we learn from the floor.

I also believe in teaching certain moves before others – gemini’s before butterflies, wrist seats before laybacks etc. Why? Because you cannot perform a butterfly safely unless you understand your “safety moves” and how to dismount from an invert. A butterfly uses a split grip and pushes the body away from the pole making it more advanced, dangerous and sky rocketing the risk of injury if the client does not understand how to perform basic moves.



Learning the basics is key in pole dancing. Building up the necessary strength to control them is even more important. Allowing a student to simply perform moves they see & like before taking them through proper progressions and safety measures is simply poor instruction. Just because they “want to learn” that move does not mean their body is ready for it.

So instead of rushing to the end result. Take it slow. Learn the ins & outs. Enjoy the journey along the way. It will result in the ability to land more tricks & look better doing them.

Happy Dancing 🙂

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