Forget Goals Choose Happiness

Well here we are; twenty fourteen is heading out and somehow we are already coming up to a new year.

It’s been a while since I last blogged (you’re all devastated I’m sure) and truthfully it’s because I’ve been BUSY. In the last nine weeks I have built and entirely new website (from scratch) to provide my services further than here in London. I have filmed, edited and uploaded 84 videos (with seventeen more coming) and I have painted my living room- not relevant I know.

But I have also taken some time away.

I’ve taken some time to relax. To breathe. To do something I enjoy- that isn’t work related- and overall, to reset.


And now my inbox is bombarded with ways in which I can make next year THE BEST ONE YET. But the truth is, I am sick to death of being told how to set goals properly, take action and achieve them.

I get it, now is the time to set a goal: Be more awesome. Check.


Instead, here is my advice- and it’s free too!:

Do something that makes you happy.

Seriously. That’s it.

If you hate the gym but want to be more active, ignore the gym and find something that makes you smile, laugh and that you look forward to.

Hate eating healthy but know you need more veggies? Find one recipe (yup just one) that you adore and use it, play with it, enjoy it.

Don’t make goal of being healthy, eating clean or working out the bane of your existence. If you don’t look forward to your “goals” they’re pointless.

Instead, laugh, smile, play and enjoy life.


There is no “step by step outline” for those things- just find something that makes you happy. And hold onto it.

We place far too much emphasis on perfection or what we “should” be doing. We work long hours, procrastinate things we love and end up grumpy, stressed and truthfully no fun to be around.

So change it.

I rarely set new years goals, instead I set an intention for the year. What will make me enjoy life more? A winter walk with hot tea? Snuggling with my pumpkin (that’s my Dog Rosie by the way- and she’s adorable), or maybe it’s just taking time to put away my computer more often and enjoy my surroundings. After all, the day goes on.


So that’s it, my big advice.

The simple things in life matter. Don’t ignore them and don’t ignore yourself. Instead…

Chase happiness, one little thing at a time ๐Ÿ™‚