For the past few weeks I’ve been reading the book Living the Low Carb Life by Jonny Bowden that was recommended to me by another trainer. Now before you get all judgemental about “low carb diets”, stop.

This book goes into detail about the history and science of low carb diets as well as the analysis of popular diets following the approach. Truthfully, it’s a pretty kick ass book (I actually really liked the science part- weird eh!?)

Different kinds of beans in bowls on wooden backgroundNow, I’ve been eating a controlled carbohydrate diet for a while. I pay attention to what I put in my mouth, preferring it to be “real food” and not some genetically created crap. And yes, I have learned that my body responds best to a high protein & fat intake with the majority of my carbohydrates coming from fruits, veggies, quinoa & oats and not breads, pastas and pastries. This, somehow makes me a snob.

While I get singled out frequently for passing on the hamburger bun or bag of chips, here’s why:

Nutrition in today’s world scares the crap out of me. While you can debate with me that breads/cereals/pastas are part of today’s world & diet you cannot over look the overwhelming amount of disease in North America.

Diabetes, cancers, obesity etc are more common than ever before. And while we can look for a lot of medicated cures for these things, many of them can be prevented through nutrition.


People seem to think I’m the freak because I prefer food prep to fake, enhanced fast food. I prefer pure ingredients opposed to modified flavors. But the reason is simple: I believe that these things will keep me alive and provide the best quality of life possible.

I could sit here and startle you with facts about the statistics behind food choices and diabetes (and cancers for that matter) but there’s no point. Constantly I hear “but just a bit won’t hurt you”.


What the hell classifies as “a bit”? Once per month? Per week? Per day? The top things that we place into our systems are loaded with additives, chemicals and foreign (to our body) substances. While our systems can tolerate foreign invaders infrequently (read: once every few months) on a daily basis it is overwhelmed. Things like muffins, cereals and breads dominate our diets and our body has no use for them.

So my goal here is not to convert you to outlaw all of these “foods”. My goal is to explain to you that I am scared. I am scared of disease, of not having control of my body, of pain, deterioration and the inability to run, play and laugh. If all of those fears (and more) can be prevented by simply saying no to magically created food, than it seems a fair trade to me.