Fear of Falling

Do you remember your first invert? The first time you held yourself up with only your legs? I’m sure you do… I know I do.

I know my heart was racing, my hands were sweaty and I was excited and nervous at the same time. Gripping on as tightly as I could, I asked myself: “can I do this?” and just like that, with my eyes squeezed tight, my breathing ragged, hanging upside down from a pole I let go.

Amazed and bewildered I opened my eyes to find I was still upside down. Nothing drastic had happened. But I let go.

Inverting is now as natural to me as walking. It comes easy; I can do it simply and without thinking. But every so often – normally while trying a new move- I pause and ask “can I do this”?

Sometimes in pole dancing you just have to let go. Over thinking in that time of opportunity causes you to lose it. That split second question normally results in poor form and sloppy attempts.

Most recently while learning the pencil, I had this fear. You want me to rotate my shoulders how? Knowing full well, if my grip gave out I was going to fall… with my hands pinned behind my back, legs in the air, smack onto my face. But I did it. I gave in and kicked up.

My first ever pencil.

My first ever pencil.

In pole dancing you have to overcome your fear of falling. You have to trust yourself that you are strong enough to do the move and smart enough if you do fall to fall with technique. I think the “fear of falling” stops us from doing many things we would love in life as well as on the pole.

You never really learn how to overcome this feeling. The feeling that you might fail, that you might hurt yourself. Normally, after one failure it halts our attempts leaving us to lick our wounds.

But if there is one thing I have learned in pole dancing it is that to overcome your fear of falling it takes courage. It takes dedication and it takes practice. You will fail, you might fall but it won’t stop you. You will push and push until you get it.

After all, you can’t do a handspring if you don’t accept the possibility that you might go over the other side…

Keep dancing 🙂