I am a very routine oriented person. Every Tuesday and Thursday I pole dance, on Wednesday’s I do a full body workout, Friday’s is kickboxing and Mondays are reserved for the most intense workout of them all to give my week a kick start. Then in between all of that is simply whatever activity comes up for fun (practices with the girls, bike rides etc)

Normally by the time Thursday comes around each week I’m fairly tired. After teaching pole sessions on top of my own workouts my muscles are sore and mentally I’m a bit drained. So every Thursday morning, I debate taking a rest day for the following reasons:



I’ve already physically taught 13 hours this week and have more to go

I haven’t had a rest day since last Saturday

My muscles hurt too much to loosen up

I have to catch up on my programs


Around this point, I kick myself in my ass, put on some spanks and start my workout. Why? Because excuses are for people who need them, and I don’t.


In my line of work for both nutrition and training, consistency is key. Dedication to your goals is a necessity. And yet excuses are more common than both of those. I’ve heard them all. But truthfully I just don’t care. That may sound harsh but it’s the truth. You either did it or you didn’t. You either took a step towards your goals or away. Now, I’m not saying that one bad choice will ruin your goals because it won’t. But multiple bad choices each week will.


Unfortunately, your goals and your body rarely listen to excuses- and that’s all they are, not reasons, excuses. Just because you helped a friend move does not mean your body is alright with you eating greasy pizza instead of a home cooked meal (prepare ahead of time and bring your own food). Your body doesn’t care that you skipped your workout because you didn’t have the right equipment (come up with a different workout) etc.

The thing is, there will always be a “good enough” reason for you to skip your workout or cheat on clean eating. We are all busy, like to enjoy the holidays, wish to relax etc. If nice looking physiques were easy, everyone would have one. Eventually, you need to push past your own excuses, suck it up and get your shit together. If that’s not practical, than admit defeat now.


Once you’re able to conquer your own mind (not letting your mind talk you into an excuse) anything is possible. So the next time you look for the easy way out, summon your inner “trainer” and give yourself a kick in the butt. You’re better than that- prove it.