Enjoying the Journey

I went camping this past weekend and I took some time in the wee hours of the morning to do my own thing and relax on the beach. I brought my morning shake and I stretched while the sun came up over the water- it was stunning.

But I also did a lot of thinking.

Every day I listen to people put themselves down because they are so far from their goal. They’re upset because they’ve only lost so much, or can lift so much, or cannot nail a trick etc. But what gets forgotten is how far they have come.

How Far

In pole dancing, there are always new moves to be mastered, new outrageous tricks to be tried. It appears that the classification for “good pole dancer” has elevated so much that if you can’t do a handspring/cartwheel/iron x you’re only “alright”. But are those moves realistic for people who just want to be a bit more sexy? Or for the regular public who only want to stay fit?

It seems like a lot of pressure and high standards to me.

And since there is always something more to learn and better to accomplish we forget to enjoy what we’ve overcome to get to the level we’re at. We forget the months it took to land our first supermans. The pride we felt when we could dismount out of them without splitting our legs and bailing to the floor.

We forget to enjoy the journey.


I mean, is there really even an end point to these goals? Yes, I will be ecstatic when I finally hold an iron x… but there will still be something more after that.

So if the goal is simply improvement, why not spend some time being happy in what you can do? Why not take the time to celebrate how far you’ve come? The hours you’ve put in? You may not be ready for world champs, but you had to start somewhere. Remember your first invert? Or the first time you could do a reverse caterpillar up the pole? Take a minute away from the anger and frustration of your current nemesis and remind yourself how much you’ve gained from your effort.

Park Play

A bit of park play time

Enjoy playing with your new found strength. Enjoy the idea that you have something to look forward too. Enjoy your trials & your failures- as they make you better each step of the way.  And most importantly, take the time to enjoy the journey.