Endurance Training

There are a lot of workouts I love to do… but aerobic or muscular endurance are not one of them.

For instance, I love strength training. I love lifting really heavy weights. I love learning new tricks on my pole. I love teaching cycling class. But I hate doing anything that involves “as many repetitions in x amount of time”. It’s just not my thing.


Lately though, I’ve noticed that while I know a lot of fun pole moves, putting them into a routine and dancing continuously makes me tired. My muscles don’t want to comply.

I know this is my fault, I don’t do much endurance training and therefore my muscles do not recognize the stimulus.

So into my routine it goes, muscular endurance. I have dedicated one day each week to this style of training.

This week the challenge was Burpees. How fast can I do 100 lazy burpees? It was terrible.  All five minutes and six seconds of them. My legs burned, my heart was racing, and my arms did not want to support me any longer.

And yet each time I completed another repetition, I thought of how it would translate to dancing. What moves I would now be able to string together without a break?

In dancing we need to play into many kinds of strengths. We need general strength in order to be able to pull and hold our body weight, we need flexibility to contort our body into position and we need endurance, to be able to keep going and going until all our stresses have been danced away.

So the next time you’re in the gym, do something you hate. Something you normally don’t do, but something you know will improve your pole skills.

Keep dancing 🙂 (and training!).


Ps. Check the Facebook page tomorrow for the video of me suffering through them!