Don’t Bring Yourself Down

I’m a planner. And for those of you that know me, you should know to what degree this occurs. From training to meal prep to scheduling and routines I am an order freak. When it comes to my life (fitness and health) I refuse to leave anything up to chance.

So you can imagine my mind before the Holiday’s. It seems something like this: ROFDNLKNFD,Nio <– okay, that’s just a lot of random typing, but seriously it is very overwhelming.


So I take the time to plan my Christmas routine. I actually quite look forward to it. I schedule my workouts (when and what program). I plan and prepare my meals. I plan which dishes I will bring to which gatherings. And finally, I plan where I will indulge. That’s right, I actually plan where and how I will enjoy something off the plan.

Do things always go accoridngly? Hrm, I cannot say yes but I will estimate about 95%. In the last three Christmas seasons, I can honestly say I have not missed a scheduled workout. I am manic about it. But there have definitely been a few Christmas slip ups.

christmas yummy

So by now I’m sure you’re all expecting “tips to stay slim during the Holiday’s”. But I’m not going to give you exactly that. After all, the best way to tackle the Holiday’s is simply to plan them out.

But what I am going to tell you is important. More important than planning. More important than calorie counting and taking only “one bite” of everything you want. What I am going to tell you is essential:

Don’t bring yourself down


Plans will not always be executed as desired but how you handle them is important. For a very long time I would be racked, and I mean seriously overcome, with guilt if I couldn’t stick to my plan. It would ruin half of my Christmas.


Because of that little voice that says “you clearly have no self control, you should have been able to stay on track”. And then the circle of doubt, indulgence and guilt would step in.

But here’s the thing: it’s okay.

Now, I do not believe that if you have a goal, it is simply alright to ignore it because “it’s Christmas”. I do believe that forgiving yourself (and not having to forgive in the first place) is essential to your mental health.


You ate more than anticipated? You binged on chocolates? It’s okay. Enjoy the chocolates, get up the next day and move on. Do not spend time dwelling on what a “failure” you are as it will simply continue the circle.

Indulgence is okay. Spending time with family, having balance and enjoying yourself is alright. And you will experience much more of all those things if you let go of your guilt.

let go

The thing with guilt is that any kind of over restricted diet without an end date will push you, and push you and push you until you give in. So instead of restricting this season; plan, enjoy, celebrate and find some balance. Tomorrow can always be better.

So the real “tip” you should follow, is to go into Christmas with an open mind.

Happy Merry Times ๐Ÿ™‚