Dieting Challenges

Happy Canada Polers! I for one am super proud to be part of such an open minded & free country- I love it!

canada day

So I am sure you all know by now that I am getting married in UNDER TWO WEEKS… AHHHH. I am super excited and super nervous at the same time! One thing I promised myself I would do for my wedding is “get into the best possible shape”. Since that in itself is a pretty shitty and under developed goal I made it a bit more concrete when I decided to lean out to 15% body fat.

Now, let me start with the fact that I am a horrible goal setter. I really don’t like deadlines as I end up more stressed than necessary about the process. But since I only plan on having one wedding I thought why not?

On a regular basis, I maintain a fun 16.5-17.3% body fat. This means that to drop down to fifteen I will have to do something I have never done in order to push my body to where it has never been. This is where my diet comes in.

snacks2I am sure by now you all know that I eat pretty damn clean year round. But I am a snacker. And leaning out does not permit me to do this. So I created my meal plan. Not overly restrictive, but something that needs to be followed in order to see results. The short form of this is that it has been a challenge.

Which brings me to the long weekend. Friday night after having drinks with a friend I decided that I was not going to drink for the rest of the weekend- challenge number one. I cannot tell you the last time I have gone a Canada Weekend (or any weekend) without drinking. But a choice is a choice. So I survived Saturday, Sunday and Monday without booze. Since I normally only drink 2x/week dropping down to one day is a bit odd but definitely doable.

Challenge two: heading to a cottage full of snacks, appetizers and everything you could imagine. On Sunday when we drove up I packed all my food (as usual). Since Sunday is my rest day this week, it is also one of my low calorie days. On the way up, my lovely fiance decided to bring a container of powdered white doughnuts for the drive. As much fun as it was to sit next to the smell of yummy sugar doughnuts for an hour n a half I was able to resist.

When we got to the cottage I was a bit bombarded with everyone eating pretzels, a bowl full of kit-kats and of course, white cheese popcorn (Smart Food!!). That was probably the hardest of all. But I munched on my veggies and protein muffin.

But a walk around town nearly did me in. Homemade ice cream, fresh cut fries and all other small town indulgences were everywhere I looked- it was killing me. My legs were sore because my muscle recovery is a bit low and I was starting to get cranky. Time to head back and eat my salad.


Long story short, I made it through the cottage. It was hard and definitely a mental challenge more than anything, but I reminded myself that my body is more important. But let me explain my struggle..

See the reason I never really restrict snacks (I eat clean but if I want a brownie I will always eat the brownie) is because weight loss is not normally my goal. I have a rockin body that I am super proud of and I don’t think restricting every little thing is needed. You see, every time I am presented with a chance to, say, munch on some smart food and have to decline, my mind goes mental. If I have such an awesome body why the hell should I say no!? But the reason: because as of this moment I do have a goal. When you are working towards something specific you’ve got to have some boundaries. You may not like the journey as much but you will enjoy the results.

The worst part of this journey is that in the last few weeks I’ve had to be even stricter. Since am only have two more weeks left my calories have been scaled back a bit to promote that last bit of fat loss. And the hardest thing I have found is actually saying no to the healthy snacks.

Passing up chips and smart food is doable, but saying no to fruit and almonds is a bit harder. You see, while both fruit and almonds are perfectly healthy in a balanced diet, they still contain a surplus of extra calories. Calories which I simply cannot afford when trying to get this lean.


So I have persevered- and I will for the remaining two weeks. I am super proud so far of my will power, dedication and consistency. I know I will be prouder still when I walk down the aisle as lean as I’ve ever been. So here’s the lesson: Stick With It. Yes, there are times it sucks. Times you’re  bit hungrier than normal, or want to join in on what everyone else is enjoying. But there is a reason you’re making the choices you are and you will be way more excited to shout around that you accomplished your goal than you would be to tell people you ate a bit of popcorn.

Results take work. Challenge yourself.