Dear Fitness World: Screw You

Dear Fitness World,

Without further adieu, screw you. My name is Shelby, strength coach, pole dancer and lover of all things lifting. I have been part of you for the better part of a decade now and am beginning to suspect that you’ve lost your way.

You see, my goal is first and foremost to help people. Help them look better. Help them feel better. Help them perform better. Help them gain confidence. And yes, help them find some balance on this crazy journey that is life and workouts.

I used to think these were your goals too.. but now I’m not so sure.

You see, because I care so much about people (as people and not as clients), every week I set aside a few hours to read up on everything changing, improving and “being discovered” in the elusive fitness world. I always strive to learn more, be more, help more. And naturally, you provide me with all the resources I need: articles, videos, intelligent minds and helpful hints.

But lately… lately all you’ve done is piss me off.

You’ve bombarded me with all the things I need to be doing in order to be classified as “healthy”. I mean, I consider myself pretty well off. I eat pretty well, I lift three times per week, dance twice per week and am generally active throughout the day.

But According you I should be, without any doubt including the below list into my workouts.

Workout Necessities For A Healthy Body
  • Making use of a lengthy warm up and getting in my prehab
  • Pre-workout foam rolling
  • Sticking to the “core lifts” at all costs
  • Making sure to incorporate power training so I can make use of my strength
  • Using “accessory” work to bump up my weak spots
  • Rocking some high intensity cardio
  • Using longer cardio to keep up my hearth health
  • Foam rolling post workout
  • Stretching post workout
  • Completing some “active stretching” on non workout days
  • Getting the required sleep

…all in one week. Each week. Every week.

And this is where I give you a big middle finger. To hit all of your required check boxes of weekly necessity, I would have to live in the gym. And while I joke about doing just that, I. Can’t. Even.

And to top off my point, I am sure you’ll take the time to remind me to “work smarter, not harder”.

Unfortunately, if I’m given a list that long, smarter versus harder doesn’t really apply. Instead, it screams DELEGATE! Should I pay others to do my parlof presses for me then??

Am I giving you the impression that I am a slacker? Looking for any excuse to get out of plain old hard work. Or do I come off as not loving fitness? Activity? Life? Because that’s hardly the case…

You see fitness world, this past year I became a MOM. And that, brings on a whole new game.

As a mom, my gym hours are numbered. My active recovery consists of doing glute bridges with a one year old and chasing her while she learns to move. Stretching in peace is non-existent and since my daughter comes to the studio with me, power anything is a bit dangerous.

On top of mommyhood, I run my own business. For those of you in the boat with me, you’ll know that showing up, working and leaving isn’t exactly how your day goes. In fact, when I’m not seeing people in person I am programming, filming, editing, planning, tracking. And o course attempting to learn something from your profitable knowledge. But don’t worry, I’ll put all that aside to get in my required thirty minutes foam rolling.

And what grinds my gears even more is that I love workouts! I am one of the few you don’t need to convince to do them, I’ll participate winningly. So how does the rest of the population feel then if I feel so annoyed, overwhelmed and frankly pissed off at your persistence?

The truth is fitness world, I love you. I love that you have so much to offer, I love learning new, practical time ways to be active. And I love what I do.

But telling me that unless I accomplish the above eleven suggestions into my workout regime I will be imbalanced, weak or otherwise unworthy…

Well, then I stand by my screw you.


Shelby ๐Ÿ™‚