Dancers Vs. Tricksters

There’s a bit of a ripple in the pole community right now between those who pole to dance and those who pole for tricks.. so I thought I’d weigh in (Jesus, do I ever NOT have an opinion!?)

dragons tailThis was first brought to my attention after hearing about the “move of the moment” which is currently the “Dragons Tail”. This move went worldwide in a matter of days. while most new tricks do, this one seemed to be on fire. Everyone wanted a piece of it. All of a sudden everyone was posting pictures of themselves in the new trick, tutorials were made and pandemic was created.

This prompted a few blogs to pop up claiming that they are so “over” the trick of the day. They believe in dancing, release, emotional bonding with the pole. They do not feel the need to land every new trick because it’s cool. In a way they gave the impression they were “above” the necessity of new tricks.

To be honest, after reading three separate posts on this topic in mere hours, I was pissed. I mean literally who the eff do you think you are to be better than those of us who like tricks? What makes you so special? So because some of us prefer to nail new thing versus perfect our transitions we’re not as attached to pole dancing as you are?

It wasn’t until I simmered down a bit that I understood that these polers were simply stating their opinion of the community and what they hope it to evolve to – exactly what I’m doing now.

So here is my two cents: the pole community needs both dancers & tricksters.. and both should be welcomed. Personally, I fall in between. I love tricks. I love looking at a move I never thought I’d be able to do and nailing it. I love the strength, the challenge and the laughs. I focus one practice each week to tricks alone. Am I proud when I get them? Fuck yea I am. Do I brag about them? Of course!

This move was a "MOD", took me forever & hell yes I'm proud!

This move was a “MOD”, took me forever & hell yes I’m proud!

But I also enjoy dancing.

I enjoy my early morning practices where I let go of the tricks, turn the lights low and do what my body wants to music I love. I adore letting go of all my emotions into that one hour and creating something beautiful with them.

Does that mean one is better than the other? Not in the slightest. It took me a long time to realize that not every trick is made for every body type. I’d see all these amazing combos but struggled and failed with them. Sometimes the move of the day can take its toll on your confidence. You feel expected to land each move that pops up & it makes you a failure if you don’t.

too many

But that’s simply you’re ego winning out.

It’s okay not to be able to or even want to do some tricks. I finally grasp that. I have no desire to learn the fonji- and that’s okay. I learn tricks that look fun for me. I post pictures of new tricks, and tricks that I long ago forgot about but am now better at performing (forearm stands!). Trying and experimenting with new things is fun.

From this past week

From this past week


But I also love trying new transitions. Though I am not as good at succeeding in this area, both are fun for me.

So instead of choosing sides, instead of being disappointed that this is what “the pole world has come to”, admit defeat. Understand that all of us pole for different reasons and like different things. What you once loved may not be what makes you love pole now. You’re not “better” than anyone, nor are you less. We’re already a small community fighting a big battle, let’s not separate amongst ourselves for silly definitions.

Pole because you love it. Land new tricks, be proud and dance to the music of your soul. Pole is different for all of us.. and that’s okay.