My programming philosophy is centered around working with you to determine the best routine to help you crush your goals.
Shelby Stover, CSCS

My Clients Love My Programs Because It Provides Them With Results...

No two people are alike and thus no two programs should be either.

Whether you workout at home, in a gym or outdoors, I can design a training program to suit your lifestyle. A program that will get you to your goals, no matter how big or small.

Cindy Cindy

" I wanted better athletic performance, better body composition and better self-confidence.. and I got it all. I love the programs, the meals and more than anything the results."

Lydia Lydia

"I am a very active women and have an extremely demanding job which takes me around the world. It's a challenge to train six days a week... but Shelby makes it work. Even with limited equipment she is able to design programs I love. My body has changed so much since following her advice and I have never been more confident"

Custom Programming

  • Individual Programs To Match Your Goals
  • Customized To Your Schedule
  • Programmed Around Accessible Equipment (if any)
  • Catered To Your Ability & Knowledge
  • Video Demonstration Of All Exercises

Over the last few years, I've had the ability to work with lots of hardworking, dedicated clients from all walks of life. From pole dancers to 'tough mudders' and stay at home moms to figure competitors.


And most of these clients came to me for one common reason: they were confused

Unfortunately most people have no idea where to start when it comes to achieving their goals. Pilates? Running? Working out till you puke? People are constantly questioning what it will take to get them results. Often, people would view working out as torturous, mind numbing or simply something they just didn't have time for. Over the past few years I've had clients present me with all sorts of obstacles: severe time restrictions, injuries, spacing and more. The more obstacles I've encountered the more creative I've gotten. Fitness can be incorporated into anyone's lifestyle... you've just got to think outside the box!

How Distance Programming Works

  • 1


    Submit the client application so I have a better idea of your goals and abilities.

  • 2

    Supply Information

    This is the most fun part of the process! It's where I spend some time getting to know as much as possible about you. Everything from injuries, schedules and how often you'll train to what type of exercises you're familiar with and where you'll be working out. This is completed via email.

  • 3

    Be Patient

    By now, I'll be designing your program- so bear with me. I may have a few more questions for you along the way but this will only ensure the program I provide you will be a perfect fit.

  • 4

    Watch The Videos

    All the exercises will be linked to video demonstrations. So once you receive your program spend some time reviewing the exercises within it and becoming familiar with the techniques.

  • 5

    Jump In

    Now it's time to get started! Jump right into your program and enjoy the results coming! Remember that it takes a little bit for your body to adjust to a new stimulus so expect to be a bit sore in your first week.

"Shelby's programs have been such an amazing experience. Her passion and knowledge of health and fitness motivates you to go above and beyond your set goals.  Shelby has not only enhanced my strength while making me aware of muscles I did not even realize I had, she has also opened a door to a world of new found self confidence"


"Shelby has taught me things that I never knew I was capable of. Her workouts lead me to a better lifestyle and improve my sports workouts. She is very educated in catering workouts to suit each individual need. She is a great motivator and can push you to do your absolute best."


"In less than one year Shelby helped me shave my body fat from 21% to 14% and tone up for two destination weddings. During that time she worked me to the bone in preparation for Tough Mudder. Without her ridged training I don’t think I could have made it through 24 obstacles and 23kms of running. Shelby offers a different outlook on how exercising should be done that makes me look forward to my training sessions!"


“I am a fitness junkie. I love challenging my body mentally and physically in different ways. Shelby has helped me to create a well rounded training routine and has improved my strength and physique immensely. Not to mention offering me a whole new outlet. I don't know what I'd do without her programs... but I definitely wouldn't be where I am today!" 

Get Started Today With The Following:

  • Custom Training Program
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Access To Exercise Library
  • Minor Tweaks & Alterations
  • The Results You Want!
Bare Bones
  • Initial Intake
  • Custom Program Designed To Your Needs + Available Equipment
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This package is for those who want just a basic program without all the accountability.

Going All Out
  • Initial Intake
  • Custom Program For Your Needs + Available Equipment
  • Weekly Q + A
  • Weekly Form Check + Skype Check In
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This package was designed for those of you who are brand new or seasoned gym-goers and are dead serious about your goals. You need the accountability and are willing to work hard.