Confessions Of A P******* Poler

Some of you may have been wondering where the hell I’ve been. After all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted any serious combo or routine.

And while I post the occasional trial pic I am not posting nearly as much as I was before.


Do I no longer love poling?

NO! That’ll always be a love… BUT… the truth is I haven’t poled (outside teaching) in about six weeks



I know. It’s a bit insane. And definitely overwhelming for me!

But the reason why is because I am a pregnant poler!


Currently I am sixteen weeks pregnant and beginning to balloon. Not only am I finding it frustrating when I’m on the pole- I never realized how many moves press into your belly!!- but with the frigid temperatures here in London I haven’t been able to get warm enough to dance.

And so most of my workouts have been centered around lifting. Which, as you all know is another passion of mine.

That said, as I cut back my client base slightly I have also been putting the finishing touches on my website and placing my focus on helping clients via programming. If you haven’t checked out my quiz yet (how to improve your pole skills) CLICK HERE!

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The truth is, while I can still pound out a decent handspring and shoulder mount deadlift, I am starting to take my poling down a notch.

So be patient! The pregnancy journey is a fun one and as a pregnant poler it’s always more exciting!

While my online presence won’t change too much, posting routines definitely will. But I do promise to keep you updated and posted on poling and staying active through pregnancy.

And for those of you who have questions, be they pole, pregnancy, training or nutrition related… don’t be shy! I’m still working and always happy to hear from you.