Client Success

In the last three months my clients have kicked butt. Not that I’m bragging or anything (alright, I am) but they have worked damn hard. So today I thought I’d share some of their stories.

Meet Julia– your everyday mom & my PT client.

Julia Pic

Julia is the proud mother of two very energetic little boys. She has been training with me for the last nine weeks and in that time, she has made some big changes. In the weight room, she has pushed, sweat and improved immensely. We also set her up on an home workout program that she can squeeze in when she’s not chasing after her sons. Which she has actually followed. That’s right, this mom went from no workouts, to a solid four workouts each week.

Nutritionally, she has made some alterations as well. Simple changes like cutting out fast food, drinking more water and implementing some of my favorite dinner & bar recipes has lead her to some awesome results. Aside from dropping a pesky 20lbs, Julia has taken off FOURTEEN in nine short weeks. While some people can’t find the time, she makes time and is reaping the rewards. I can’t explain how proud I am of her for changing so many habits at once and really committing to making new ones.


Meet Bronwyn– Osteopathic Apprentice, wellness advocate & currently following my three month nutritional program

Bronwyn Pic

To summarize Bronwyn, you have to understand that she is busy. She is currently finishing off school and working an insane amount of hours (I swear, she works 60 hour work weeks).

Bronwyn is no stranger to weight loss. In fact, she successfully lost a lot of weight a few years previously with the help of weight watchers. But alas, a busy lifestyle caught up with her and some of the weight crept back.

Unlike many nutritional programs, my three month coaching focuses less on calories and more ob habits. On eating quality food and on enjoying food. After many years of counting, tracking and reporting my program was a whole new mindset for Bronwyn… and she rocked it.

Not only was she eating more food than she was previously. But she mentioned frequently that in our entire three months together, she never felt deprived of any food. She was full, energy fueled and ready to take on the world. So what were her results like?

To date, Bronwyn has lost seven inches. With four of them coming directly off of her belly button. She is also down two full pant sizes & feels amazing. How did she do it? She wanted to. I’m not going to lie. Bronwyn followed everything piece of advice I gave her down to a tee. In her insanely hectic week, she made time to prep food twice each week. She ensured she planned ahead. And she fit in & rarely missed her workouts. She has come so far in the last three months- not just physically but through her whole relationship with food- that she surpassed anything I could have hoped for her. She has new habits, new priorities and (pretty importantly) fabulous new pants!!!


Meet Cindy– A regular working girl fresh out of school- and my own personal pole ninja

Cindy Ayesha

I have no other words to describe Cindy outside of amazing! She is extremely strong, patient, dedicated and hilarious. She has been a pole student of mine for a year and a half now and I cannot think of one session that hasn’t dissolved into laughter.

When Cindy started with me she had already been poling for some time. As we all know, I’m a bit of a crazy for proper progression so in some cases we went back & relearned moves. While this may sound tedious, in the long run, the strength building and muscle awareness that comes from it is worth it. So she stuck it out. Back through old moves, breaking habits and progressing extremely fast.

Most things she picked up on quickly. But as we moved into the realm of advanced moves more time was needed to perfect form. Bring in the twisted grip Ayesha. It’s been about a year since we first went over a regular, split grip butterfly. Drilling in the form of brackets and the strength needed. This particular move took her a mere seven weeks to get after her first attempt. She was patient, determined and followed all conditioning exercises to aid her success. And now, she ROCKS it.


Meet Crystal– A witty, storytelling power house about to get MARRIED in a few short days- and my PT client

Crystal Pic2

To put it simply, Crystal is a superstar. She is the fiancé of my other client Jon and came to me a year & a bit ago looking to “get fit”. And that she has. Throughout the last year, Crystal has seen quite a few successes. Aside from simply committing to weekly workouts (once with me, three at home) she can now both deadlift & squat over 100lbs. She has participated in a couple of 5k races and most importantly (well to me anyways) now has a beautiful posterior chain (that’s code for nice butt!).

But that’s not all. With her wedding coming up, and after a month long trip to Australia, Crystal wanted to push just a little bit more out of our sessions. The usual female longing of nice butt, toned arms and flat belly being the main goals. So in came nutrition. A full out meal by meal breakdown.

Now before I tell you how she did you should know: this wasn’t the first time we’d discussed nutrition. While not all of my clients are signed onto nutrition, all of my clients will at some point hear me chat about new recipes, why I love food and how I implement healthy eating. Questions are welcomed. So while Crystal had heard my rants before, we’d never genuinely set out to overhaul her eating habits.

So a plan was created. Crystal is a vegan and has a couple of food allergies that all had to be taken into account. She is busy and does not truly enjoy food prep (am I the weird one who does??). But she followed it. In fact, she followed it so well I’m still in awe. Since there was not enough time for prolonged habit changes I was a little concerned that’d she would be overwhelmed. But she blew me away.

From our weekly check ins, we know Crystal has lost a total of six inches in four weeks- simply by tightening up her diet (2.75 of those coming from belly button!). On top of that, her energy levels have improved, her headaches have receded and most importantly she challenged herself, succeeded and changed her thought process along the way. The change I’ve seen in her in the last month is inspiring and I can’t wait for her to show off her hard work in a perfectly fitted, beautiful white dress.


All in all, my clients have kicked some SERIOUS butt these past few months and I couldn’t be prouder. The pushed, committed and changed even the hardest of things- they earned every single result.

Happy Challenges 🙂