Welcome To My Client Coaching Center

To help you get the most of your coaching experience, as well ensure any and all questions and concerns can be addressed in a timely fashion, please adhere to the following guidelines:


For those of you with email support (monthly or bi-monthly), your weekly recaps will be due on Wednesdays at 9pm. Please submit the recaps the second and last weeks of the month (for bi-monthly packages) or the first week of the month (for monthly packages). This form is designed to help you provide meaningful reflections on your progress each week. For everyone getting it be on time, you'll have your feedback within 48 hours.

Have questions? Save them throughout the week and add them in point form to the end of your recap. This minimizes multiple emails and ensures I won't miss any questions. Click Here to access the recap form.

Please submit these along with your recaps. Ideally the pictures are in shorts/sports bra. The measurements should be done around the same time each day preferably in the same clothes (ladies- make note if you took your chest measurements in a sports bra or a regular one!). Click Here to submit your measurements.

Video Submission

For both tricks and form video submissions, please email your video (or youtube link) on Wednesdays by 9pm along with your recap. You can expect some feedback within 48 hours. Email the video to sexystrength33@gmail.com with the title "Video Submission".

Online Pole Lessons

To access the pole sessions click the drop down in the Client Center. Remember to move your own pace. Take time to practice transitioning in and out of tricks instead of simply learning them all at once. And most importantly... have fun!