Christmas Successes

Another year of Christmas celebrations has come and gone… and I’m happy to say I have had a wonderful week!

The last few years have been quite a change for me (on a regular basis and during Christmas season too!). While previous years I would drink myself silly and gorge on food, the last few years have been a bit different.

This year, prior to the holiday season I asked myself what I wanted out of Christmas. Not in a material sense but from an enjoyment perspective, what was going to have me walking away from the season with a sense of accomplishment. Here’s what I came up with:

  • I wanted to enjoy time with family
  • I wanted to indulge but not to the point of feeling ill
  • I wanted to maintain some sort of a schedule
  • I wanted to hit all my regular intake levels (6/7 cups of veggies, 130+g of protein etc)


And from that, I made a plan. I decided where my workouts would get done, what I would splurge on and what I would say no to. In the end, I felt amazing about, well, myself.

Christmas eve was fairly simple, we didn’t have dinner until 4 so all regular meals and workouts happened as per usual. This night was a trade off, while I offered to be DD of the night, I indulged in something I look forward to all year: homemade polish perogies (three kinds!).


I wait all year for these perogies and I was not disappointed- it was well worth offering to stay sober! The other perk of Christmas Eve was that we were all pretty full so the family as a whole skipped on dessert – I was stoked!

Christmas day was another story.. a busy story. We have three Christmases in one day, so you can imagine it was a bit hectic! Nonetheless, I managed to get in my Christmas greens! An easy way to get in veggies is to blend them! Between a serving at breakfast, three servings in my shake and two at dinner (made by yours truly) I was set to go!

green shake2

While Christmas was my day to drink (perfect start to Christmas day is with some mimosas!) I ended up skipping dessert here too. This resulted in my last drink at 6pm, plenty of time to rest up for the next day!

So this lead into boxing day. Every year on boxing day for the last nine years I’ve gone boxing day shopping. This year, I got up at 7:30am, looked outside and realized my time would be better spent having a nice warm breakfast (full of veggies!), catching up on some work & squeezing in a workout before heading to our last Christmas at 12.

splits training

So a leg day it was! That paired with some splits training & I was ready to conquer another dinner! Since I had decided again to plan DD I brought along some Kombucha to sip on. After a really yummy turkey dinner (I had brought along quinoa salad to replace traditional stuffing/squash/potatoes) I grabbed a thumb size brownie and called it a day.

And so another year concluded- and truthfully my best one yet. There was not a day that I was not proud of myself. Not one day over the holidays did I wake up hung over, too full to function or sluggish from a lack of workout. While presented