Build A Better Green Shake

There’s a lot I love about nutrition but the best part? Simplicity.

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult. The more real a food is the better.

However unless you enjoy eating the same thing each and every day for years on end, keeping your taste buds stimulated can be a challenge- and time consuming.

When I seek out meals or snacks there are a few requirements they must ideally meet:


  • They must be simple to put together
  • They must contain a protein source to keep me full
  • They must have a nutritional boost, meaning, they cannot contain empty calories


Enter green shakes. For those of you that know me well, you know I love them.

green shake

Shakes are by far the fastest meal to throw together. Each one can be designed to suit your preferences and needs and you can consume it on the go. It’s perfection.

And while I have green recipes I love, more often than not, I simply through a bunch of fridge findings into the Vitamix and see what comes out.

Though I’ve definitely had some odd concoctions. And thus the blog; How To Build A Green Shake.

While throwing things into a blender is great, there are a few considerations you can take to make it easier.

Your Shake Should Include
  • A protein source to keep you full
  • A fat source for awesome omegas
  • Veggies & fruit at about a 3:1 ratio
  • A low calorie liquid
  • Any additions you require (see below)


Proteins are a great base to your shake because they keep you full. And while I’ve have shakes with raw egg whites and even chicken I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I opt for protein powders or greek yogurt. Keep in mind that the protein powders tend to sweeten the shake a bit so with the yogurt option you may need more fruit.


You have a whole host of options here. Choices like coconut milk and avocado will create a smoother, creamier consistency. Chia seeds will gel when mixed with liquid so your shake will be quite thick. And fats like flaxseed, almond butter and coconut oil are all amazing options.


Ah yes, the purpose of a green shake.. the greens! If you have a Vitamix or an equally powerful blender, get create and throw absolutely everything into that bad boy! Seriously, it has amazed me on multiple occasions what my Vitamix will blend. If not, my advice is to stick to spinach and cucumber as they tend to have an easier time being blended. Also, don’t be scared to mix chocolate protein powder with greens, if you go with a lighter flavor of greens you can’t even taste them… just chocolaty deliciousness.


Fruits are one of the things that make a shake super yummy! But try not to overdo it, otherwise the sugar content of the shake gets a little extreme. Personally, I go for half a serving of fruit per shake (half a banana, half an apple etc).


The purpose of your green shake is to have a healthy, nutritious snack. So don’t go loading it with juice! Stick to natures natural liquefier.. water! Or chose lower calorie options t help with the texture (almond milk). In the summer, I swap over to coconut water for the extra electrolytes.


The awesome thing about shakes is you can hide ingredients really well (perfect if you have picky little ones). Feel free to throw some extras into the mix if you need them. This can be supplements like kefir, a tablespoon of greens, spirulina etc. Anything you need for the extra boost.

Keep in mind though that randomly throwing ingredients into the blender can result in some funny tastes. Try to plan ahead and follow a recipe.. or be prepared to drink what comes out!

Green Shake Helpful Tips
  • Both bananas and avocado make shakes unbelievably creamy
  • The type of protein powder you use will affect your shake. Whey blends really well… brown rice protein does not. It will be grittier.
  • Frozen veggies are way easier to blend and give your shake a better texture. I keep a bag of green sin the freezer at all times.
  • The stronger the green is naturally and stronger it will be in the shake. Personally, I can’t use rapini in my shakes because they come too peppery. I like to stick to spinach, kale or romaine
  • The sweeter the fruit the sweeter the shake. Banana is a simple on but fruits like berries can make the shake a bit more tart
  • Drink out of a colored cup if you get squeamish about color. Not every shake will turn out beautiful looking

There are many recipes out there that will be delicious shakes. The best advice I can give you is to keep the focus on optimal nutrient intake and not just “how much can I cram in this blender”.

green shake with berry

Simple, easy & effective… green shakes are a butt kicking option!

Happy Blending ๐Ÿ™‚