How To Build A Better Butt... A Mini Video Series!

A mini series designed to help you achieve a glorious set of glutes!

A Bit About My Glute Journey

This program is for those of you looking to improve your back side.

Included Throughout The Videos

  • Explanation of where the glutes are & how they function
  • How to contract the glutes for maximal results
  • How to train for a better butt
  • Best exercises used for building the glutes
  • Demonstrations and a sample workout
  • Step by step guide to building your butt!

As some one who suffers from chronic low back pain I know how important it is to have strong gluteal muscles. Sexy Strengths program for better glutes made it easy for me to design a resistance program based around gluteal strength.

Bronwyn Bronwyn

Five weeks following the program and I saw my glutes raise and start to take shape!

If you've ever struggled to build your glutes you've come to the right place! This mini series will help you if you have already tried achieving a nice butt through squats and lunges or if you're a complete newbie.

What You Can Expect From This Mini Series

  • Three videos emailed to your inbox
  • A quick summary of what the glutes are and how they function (knowledge is power!)
  • A exact blueprint detailing exactly what you need to do to build a better butt
  • Demonstrations of top glute exercises
  • Watching me sweat in a workout directly made from your guide!

If you're serious about obtaining a set of glorious glutes, get started with this mini series today! Cost is $29 (taxes included)