Buck Up

Insanity. That is what my life currently consists of. One look at my daytimer and I have clients gasping. It’s just nuts.


Between clients, planning a wedding, organizing for a honeymoon and to-do lists I am quite simply screwed.

But in the midst of it all, yesterday I accomplished a goal. The ability to complete 10 chin ups was on my New Years Resolution list for 2013. While I can’t say I’ve put in an aggravating amount of time trying to achieve this, I sure won today (check out the video here!).

You see, waking up to a day of 7 back to back clients. Realizing that I forgot to schedule time to eat lunch (meaning somewhere in there would be a shake instead) and the amount of wedding related emails made me crazy.


This morning alone I spoke to: the new decorator, the florist, the favor lady, the wedding reception coordinator, the beach coordinator, my mom, the spa, my girls and chair rental lady. Trying to organize/confirm/make choices was a bit grueling.

Piece of advice: if you ever or currently are engaged.. elope. Seriously. Run.

So how does this relate to my goal? I was damn pissed off.

Amongst my insane schedule, one thing has remained consistent. My workouts. Yes, even on a day when I teach 7 pole sessions I still fit in a workout. Why? Because right now it is the only thing keeping me sane.


Working out is the only time I can turn off my email, put on my music and tell the world to blow itself. I work up a sweat, I feel my muscles burn and my lungs gasp and it feels damn good. In a day of such hecticness working out is something I can control. Something I can give my all to. And let’s be honest, the endorphins released form a good workout allow you to go back to dealing with all of the insanity in a more polite manner.

And today was no different. I zoned out, got worked up and needed to release some built up energy/tension from the insanity.. and I accomplished a goal. Which me able to get through my day that much better.

So please, the next time you anticipate the words “I don’t have time” falling out of your mouth. Stop. Buck up & get on with your workout. You mind, body and mentality will thank you.

Happy Workouts ๐Ÿ™‚