Bring On The New Year

So it’s that time again… the time when the world as a whole makes some resolutions. The time to set up the “perfect you”. And here is where every other blog you read will explain how to set S.M.A.R.T goals… but let’s be honest.. I’ve always been a bit different.


To tell you the truth, for a long time I was against these so called “goals”. Then one year (2009 to be exact), I set the most generic goal I could: “to be more healthy”… and it was has been the biggest change in my life. Did I plan it out? Hell no. I bought a pole and put it in my living room. But i did take every opportunity I could to keep up with that goal. I cut out McDonalds, I bought yogurt instead of pizza pockets, I tried to be active three times per week etc.

Every year since, I have set a new years goal (most are a bit more in depth than the original). And every year I have yet to fail in my accomplishment. The reason? Because I’m practical. I set goals I know I can achieve but need a push towards.


Last year my goal was to perform 10 unassisted chin ups- success! You can check out the video here.

This year.. I have a few ideas stirring. Some personal, some fitness and some funny. Part of the reason I am so lucky to achieve these goals is because I set challenges I care about. I base my goals around things I am passionate about, things that will improve my happiness.

Unfortunately the most common goals revolve around our bodies versus out mentality – but why can’t you challenge yourself with both?


Why not challenge yourself to forgive mistakes this year? To give a good try of letting go of past wrong doings? To have one family dinner per week?

Care about your intentions. Thin long and hard about what you want out of life and how to get it. Don’t focus on everything that needs to be overcome, but on what you can do to make a change.

My aspirations are separated between fitness related (Get my squat back up to 130lbs x 5 reps by June), personal habits and mental improvement. all of them have their place and all of them will be planned out and stuck to.


So here’s my advice for the new year: don’t be generic. Don’t chose the same goal you’ve had for the last three years. Or one that ten others have. Chose an aspiration you care about. Think about how you’ll feel accomplishing it.. and keep it with you. Failure isn’t about lack of self control or dedication, it’s simply a misunderstanding of importance and motivation.