Booty Blast

Who doesn’t love a glorious set of glutes? Too technical? Alright, how about this: everyone likes a nice ass.



Male or female, I personally appreciate the work of a well shaped butt. Now to clarify a bit, I prefer a strong butt- not just a big one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Way back in the day (circa six or seven years ago) I had a not so great behind. My first goal when I started to “get fit: (HA I hate that term now!!) was to develop some sort of butt.

My booty

So I lifted. And lifted. And did things like step ups and squats and doggy kicks… but nothing! I mean, I looked a bit better. The muscle I had back there become a bit more lifted but it was nothing special.

Bum Progres

So I studied. I learned all the different ways to build glorious glutes. I tried everything upon myself and made notes of what I responded to best. Since I had always been on the tinier side, developing glutes for me personally was hard.

But the result:

Bum Side by SidePant Comparison







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A nice ass (if I do say so myself!).

Enter Megan. A chronic fitness junkie. Megan had classically nice arms but was lacking in the booty department.

Pre Bum11

So we worked. And worked. And lifted. And ate. And lifted more.


As much as I would like to take credit for the beautiful behind below, the effort was all down to Megan. Everything I told her to do, she listened. She gave it 100% and her reward was a beautifully lifted, strong pair of glutes.

Post Bum2

Ask most females what their goal is (filter out the people who say they want to “tone up” and you’ll have a pretty standard answer. Females want a nice butt.

While everyone’s make up is slightly different (I personally build hamstrings easily but my glutes hated to fire) there are a couple basics that everyone should be doing.


1. lift heavy

2. do some kind of hip thrust

3. eat to build


Building nicely sculpted derrieres takes time. And one hell of an effort. But it is possible. Gutes don’t miraculously develop overnight from the donkey kicks you did in excess to the night before. But the effort is definitely worth it. Males- this goes for you as well. Females love to check out your backside, so make it a nice one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Think you have the dedication to build a nice paid of glutes? Not sure how to go about it? Contact me and we can work together to build you a butt you can be proud of. Or, check out my mini series How To Build A Better Butt and get started on your own… immediately!