Be Proactive – Learning to Prevent Disease

For those of you who don’t know, last week was the Evolution of Medicine Summit. This summit consists of a full week of lectures (about 5 each day)  all focused on education and improvement of our medical system.

After a weeklong of learning, I have to say, I am overwhelmed.

This past week has left me feeling grateful, excited and beyond scared for out future.

There are a lot of things I could say about the medical world. More than anything, it saves lives. I will never dispute that modern medicine is an amazing asset and has the power to do amazing things.


My concern, is that modern medicine fails to look at the cause before treating the symptoms.

While our medicine has evolved ten times over, it worries me that we are not questioning why disease is so common. Simply accepting. We are not aiming to prevent the onset, merely treat the current ailment.

Looking back even a decade ago, autoimmune diseases like food allergies, leaky gut, celiac etc were rare. Today, they are common, prevalent and worst of all; accepted.


One of the reasons I loved the summit was because it placed focus upon the why. Why are food allergies becoming so popular? Why is high cholesterol and blood pressure “expected” as we age? Why are our rates of cancer sky rocketing?

The summit helped shed light on all of these.

There were two lectures I responded with the most. The first being “How to Disease Proof Yourself”. This lecture spoke about simple things we should all be doing. Activity + nutrients = prevention. We’ve become so accustomed to disease we no longer try to avoid it. We simply “hope” it will avoid us.


Instead of hoping, be proactive.

Currently, there are more obese people on the planet than there are hungry. I am all for loving yourself no matter your body type. However, being obese poses its own health risks. Heart disease is the number one killer. Be proactive.

It depresses me to think, that current statistics state that 1 in 3 people will be diabetic in fifteen years. Instead of hoping disease will overlook you, take the necessary steps to side step its tracks.


The second lecture (and one of my personal favorites) was; The Evolution of Autoimmune Disease.

I adored this lecture for a few reasons. Off the bat, the explanations of our intestinal system was amazing and really well explained. But most importantly that disease takes time to manifest. The habits we have in our twenties and thirties will dictate our abilities in our sixties.


I am excited that researchers are starting the question the why of disease. I adore that alternative medicine is becoming more prominent and diagnosing the cause of disease is slowly coming to light. But I am petrified for the future of how much worse it will get before it possibly gets better.

While I feel I could rant about this subject all day, I’ll leave you with this; disease prevention is in your hands. Stop hoping and start being proactive so that you will be able to “have more years in life and more life in years”.

Happy Preventing 🙂