Anatomy & Biomechanics

This past weekend, I attended a 12 hour workshop on anatomy and biomechanics… simply for the sake of improving my knowledge. Let me start by saying, I hate anatomy. Yes I am a personal trainer, yes I am a dance instructor and yes I know a working knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems are important. But I hate it.

The class was run by a lady named Sally Belanger, who we have re-named” the anatomical guru”. She studies and practices anatomy for fun. This concept is mind blowing.

I didn’t really know what to expect of get out of the weekend, except that I needed to improve my base knowledge. Well I definitely did that!

What Sally calls an “overview” of the systems and how they work together, I found pretty in depth! We analyzed movement and bone types, we used bands to mimic “muscles” under our skin and boy did we go over definitions. And over. And over.

anatomy working

But here’s the weird part… it was fun! I actually really enjoyed the 12 hours and felt like I got something out of them. Not only did I understand the language she used but since she made us repeat it so many damn times, it actually stuck! Partner that with the fact that she used humor to make her points and the weekend was a success.

I was impressed with how much I retained from previous courses but many of explanations and working examples Sally provided were brand new. It was a long 12 hours but I feel better for doing them.

Of course, as most of you know, 12 hours of sitting for me is practically unheard of! I mean come on! I can barely sit straight for two, let alone 6 hour intervals! But not to worry, Megan, myself and another lady spent the first 30min of our lunch hour ensuring we got some good, old fashion exercise.

anatomy workout2

Burpees, plank taps, jump squats and lunge pulses for five rounds left us breathless and ready to learn about all the muscles we worked!

Anatomy workout

Though there were times over the weekend that I got frustrated because  had so much to do and so little time (due to this workshop) it reminded me that learning is important. Okay that sounded corny.

The point is, you’re never going to know it all or everything about your field. The fitness industry is constantly changing and every day we are learning more and more about our bodies. Constant education is a must. Not always so you can have a certificate for your wall, but to challenge yourself and to stimulate clients with new ideas.

Knowledge is the key to our industry. It is what keeps clients returning to us. If you never improve your scope of practice you’ll never improve as an instructor.

Happy Learning 🙂