An Open Letter To My Clients

For all of my clients, both past and present… I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU. This year has been nothing short of insane and having you all with me every step of the way was great.

thank you

But here’s the thing: I miss you! All of you. I miss our sessions, our chats and most importantly.. our story telling!

We all know that I can’t train in silence (understatement!) but I think that’s what makes it more fun. While each and every session serves a purpose to a bigger goal, I hope they also serve another purpose: to brighten up your day with a bit of laughter, ranting and goofing around.


Because I am one of those lucky people who truly enjoys what they do. I love working with dedicated people, having the ability to work from home and helping people stay active one day at a time. And if sharing a ton of laughs “on the job” gets to be part of that, it makes it even better. You all make that possible.


The truth is, you are all fantastic in your own ways. Thank you for being you, for being unique and for putting your faith and time into me when there are quite literally so many options.

But even more important; thank you for also putting up with me! On the days that I push you a little harder than you like. On the days when I remind you that something has to change. And even on the days when you would rather eat chocolate and lay in bed but hear my voice in your head telling you to get your a** to a session- thank you!

You may have never believed me when you first started but I hope I’ve changed your mind that fitness- whatever you chose to do- can be fun!


The past few years have been a whirlwind but I know I couldn’t ask for better clients to experience it with. With a new year approaching, I hope to share many more rants, antics and most important; laughs with you all. You make what I do worthwhile and for that I truly thank you all.

So this season, enjoy, indulge, laugh & celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚