All Or Nothing

Doing something for a week is easy. However, these temporary tweaks don’t do much to “improve your health”…which is the number one goal I hear in nutritional consults.

And since the world wide web can be ever such a cluster fuck, in this blog I am going to give you six ways to improve your health without going to any extremes (no, you don’t have to throw out the contents of your cupboards immediately :P).



I’ll be the first to admit that us fitness enthusiasts can be a bit crazy sometimes. Myself personally, I’m pretty ridged in my habits. And that works for me.

But for the majority or people, all or nothing is a bit scary and a lot impractical. It’s silly to expect people to never eat bread ever again or eliminate all possible sugar from their daily intake.

It must be one or the other!

It must be one or the other!

And unfortunately, many of us give off that impression; that in order to be fit and healthy, they need to give up everything they know and love in a matter of moments. In reality, this approach achieves nothing. It makes people scared to make changes and upset with themselves when they do and can’t stick to them.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Truly it doesn’t. there are lots of little things you can do every day that will make a big difference to your health. Not only do these little things seem a bit more practical to implement (I mean seriously, are you actually going to go into your cupboard and throw out all your food??) but small changes are also much easier to stick with.

And that’s the point. Making healthier choices isn’t about putting a time limit on them. It’s about making the change and sticking with it- permanently. It’s that consistency that gets results. So before you jump onto the next fad ask yourself if it’s something you can stick to.


Having shakes for three meals a day is great (well, actually no, it’s weird and wouldn’t you miss chewing??) but are you going to do that for the next fifty years? Uhh… I assume not. So what the hell is the point of it for the next four weeks?

Like I said, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Below are some great ideas for small changes that can make a big difference. And remember, not all of these swaps may be right for you at this time. Pick one, and give it a try!



Change out some of your drinks for chilled tea. I personally love doing this but as we’ve established, I’m weird. Limiting pop/ice caps/juices can make a big difference day to day. But then of course, what the hell do you drink? Obviously water is a great option but it gets boring. I personally buy fruity teas and make chilled tea., it’s super yummy in the summer with some sparkling water.


Swap Grains

Rice is awesome.. but the same rice and pasta gets boring. Try a few new grains and you might be pleasantly surprised! I personally love colored quinoa, soba noodles (buckwheat) and kaniwa (super yummy salad topper!). While rice and pasta are tasty, switching out your grains regularly can give you access to a whole new world of nutrients. This goes for flours too. Instead of using just wheat flour, why not try oat, spelt, kamut, coconut? Different grains, different nutrient profile.


Swap Greens

Better greens. This is a tricky ones because it implies you eat salad. But if you do, and you’re an iceberg/romaine fiend just try swapping for a new green. Spinach and kale are my favorites but there’s lots to chose from! Leafy greens are so unbelievably nutrient dense it’s insane they are so overlooked. Chose greens that are less water filled (iceberg lettuce) and more nutrient filled (kale) to get the most out of your salad.


Spice it up

Literally. Try adding some new spices to your dishes in place of lots of sauce. Marinated chicken or steak rarely needs any barbeque sauce with it. There is a plethora of flavors out there so give some new ones a try! And on that note: start adding in some turmeric to your dishes (eggs, curries, anything!). Turmeric is an insane anti-inflammatory. While I can’t say it will help immensely with specific weight loss goals, on the “be healthier” scale it tops charts.


Hide Veggies

You may feel like a four year old with this- but that’s ok! For a long time I was one of those people who “didn’t like vegetables”. Or more accurately, didn’t know how to cook them! Using a disguise like homemade pesto (throw lots of spinach in!) or homemade pasta sauce (again, blend veggies and add to sauce), came in handy. That said, I probably could have eaten less pasta… now-a-days I’m a green shake fiend. Not because I need to hide my veggies with delicious fruit tasting smoothies but because it’s an easy (and yummy!) way to get in more leafy greens. If you’re a shake newbie, check out this blog.


Buy a plant based recipe book

Okay, I’ll admit this sounds silly. But eating more vegetables is good for your health (your mama doesn’t lie!). But most people suck at making plant based meals. So pick up a book and try a few new meals. You can just add in chicken to the recipes if you’re a meat eater. But not only will this get you out of your comfort zone but it will also get you eating some much needed vegetables!


Truthfully, I could go on. But my goal was to not make this blog ranty 😛 the point is, you don’t need to overhaul your entire life to make steps in a healthier direction. Find something that you think you can do on a semi regular basis and give it a try!

Life isn’t always all or nothing, sometimes, you can just do stuff 😉 And even more importantly, don’t beat yourself up if the habit doesn’t take. Move on and try a different one!