A Peek Into The Life Of Me

I'm a fitness freak. No seriously I am one of those people who truly loves working out. Any workout really but my preferences will always be lifting and pole dancing. Couple that with my dedication to healthy eating and I'm your all around "crazy lady".

I wasn't always this dedicated to fitness though.

In fact, I was quite the opposite. You see, I started on the opposite side of the fitness spectrum. I was skinny fat. In fact, I could wrap my fingers around my entire bicep. I didn't cook. Really. I worked as a restaurant manager and lived off of restaurant pasta and McDonalds. When at home, my go-to was pizza pockets and those frozen dinner things- preferably tortellini.

Me circa 2007

Me circa 2007

And did I mention I was a smoker? Yup, just under a pack a day.

So really, asking me to take the stairs let alone workout was a pretty big request.

I'd love to tell you this big, emotional journey about how I overcame something triumphantly. But truthfully I'm a bit more vain.

You see, one year my goal was to "get fit" (read: look hot). So I bought a pole and set it up in my living room.

I'll spare you the details of the ridiculousness that ensued. The main part is that I had no proper way to learn so I mimicked things I saw, not exactly the safest technique. In the following months though, I did come to love dancing.

Turning the music up, doing what I wanted and unleashing, to be honest a lot of pent up stress and rage, on the pole was great.

But I wanted more.

And thus began my quest for hotness. I became a certified beginner pole instructor just so I would have some semblance of technique. This lead into working out.


Though initially I had no idea what to do in a weight room- I tried. My goal: build a better butt. Seriously, that was it. Remember, I was pretty skinny so naturally I had very little in the booty department. Building a nice round set of glutes I believed would add to my "hotness" goal.

So I began working out and poling.. but still eating shit. Needless to say, while my strength saw minimal improvements my body did not.

And onto my quest to "be healthy".

Looking back now, I tried every possible wrong approach. Literally, I tried them all. Frustrated, failing and somehow still a smoker something needed to give.

I changed careers. I sought out my first training certification and realized I wanted to do this properly.

Since then, I've come quite further than I ever expected. I can do things on a pole I never dreamt I'd be able to. I understand (finally!) exactly what it takes in the weight room and in the kitchen to obtain the specific physique you desire and most importantly.. I love my life.


I'm also a mom.

To the cutest, most adorable little munchkin you could ever imagine.. I may be biased though.

File 2016-05-31, 8 37 49 PM

This little wee one is the shining star in my day, every day. We share green shakes, workouts and daily chatter. Being a mom is one of my favorite jobs.

I also love being a food junkie and trying new healthy recipes. I love manipulating my nutrition to progress my body composition depending on my goals at the time. I love lifting heavy because it makes me feel like a badass. And, one that has never wavered, I still love throwing myself around the pole to work off a bit of stress.

In the last few years I've studied.. a lot. And I've played the "trial and error" game a lot as well. But now, I'm exactly where I want to be; helping others towards their goals. It takes a lot of courage to embark upon a journey to improve yourself and if I can help someone for even part of the way I'll say I've done my job. It's alright to be overwhelmed but everyone has to start somewhere 🙂