A Struggling Dancer

I’ve been dancing a few years now (and rather enjoy it!) but all of my dancing has always been on a static pole.

From this past week

Way back in the day when I first started dancing, I was one of those ignorant people who hated spin pole because “all you really have to do is hold- you don’t need to create momentum”. God, how wrong I was.

Spin pole may just be the death of me.

For a long time, I wanted nothing to do with dancing on spin mode. And not because I still believed it wasn’t a challenge- I had long since learned it was! But because it was hard and angering and it left me feeling nauseous and dizzy.


But this yea, I am determined to give it a valid effort. So into my training program it went. I started off by just attempting to perform my regular moves on the spin. Oh god, even that was hard! But I persevered.

I eventually learned that so long as you stare at something stationary (ie: your leg) you won’t get as dizzy. But that didn’t stop my problem of either spinning uncontrollably or stopping all together.




Still I kept trying.

God was this frustrating. I mean, it’s not like I’m new to pole, this shouldn’t be that hard. Ahh but it is.

Regardless of my feelings towards my own progress, I truly believe spin pole is elegant, beautiful and a great addition to a routine. I am able to perform a few combos on spin but practice is needed- it’s not something I can freestyle with. This has made me appreciate those who can so much more.

While my success is still underway I do have a few tips for those who dread spin pole (and I really don’t blame you!):


  1. Figure out what you’ll stare at (remember something not moving) before you jump on the pole
  2. Don’t jump on the pole- you’ll fly all over the place
  3. If you’re spinning to fast, get your body or a part of it away from the pole, this will slow you down (bringing your body close to the pole will speed you up).
  4. Ignore everything you’ve ever learned about creating your own momentum- don’t use it, figure out subtle ways to get on the pole & hold- then try adding a bit of speed
  5. Practice, practice, practice. Everything will be new on spin pole. You’ll have to start learning all over again but with different technique- enjoy the process.


Regardless of my (lessening) hatred, I have improved. Check out my first full freestyle on spin pole here. No planned moves, no prior practice, just me & the pole (spinning of course).

Happy Spinning :