A Running Update

So as some of you know, if you follow me on instagram (check me out!), I have been running.

Now, running isn’t exactly my favorite thing to do (understatement!) and thus, it was quite a goal to set. You can check out my initial blog, on why I set the goal, here.

I started running early April and my goal was to be able to run 5k by early June. As June is quite literally here, I thought I’d write a quick update.

Running sucks.

Okay. To be fair, it doesn’t suck as much as it did when I first started. I am now up to eight minute rounds and am truthfully very proud of that. Mainly, because when I started the one minute rounds made me almost want to cry.

running sucks

That said, there has been some setbacks and oh so much I have learned in the few weeks with this goal…

I injured my ankle. Not a serious injury, just a minor one that set me back three weeks (so not much in the grand scheme of things). This was due to a couple factors.

The biggest being that shoes are important seriously invest in freaking running shoes. Clearly I didn’t think this goal through all the way and assumed my regular, five year old outdoor trainers would be fine. I was wrong. Once I was given the go ahead to run again I got new shoes and it felt like I was walking on air. Seriously, I love them.


They were expensive. I had to find ones exactly for my problem. But they are amazing and I feel no pain (except for the death burning in my lungs) when I run.

The second thing is to learn to run. If I’m honest, this realization really pisses me off. Running is supposed to be the most natural movement of, um, Ever. But it is not. I personally messed up taking too long a stride, thus heel striking and thus injuring my ankle. This is no good. Take shorter strides and do not, I repeat, do not heel strike.

Side Rant: it’s even more effing annoying how people go on and on about weight lifting being dangerous. If I were to start lifting the most repetitions I might do is like fifty squats in my living room (if I were a newbie!). This doesn’t even compare to the fact that if you go job for 15 minutes your foot slams into the pavement roughly 2000 times. Two thousand?! If you have poor form which one is more likely to cause and overuse injury?! Effing running.

Okay back to the task at hand. Last week I went for an early run and for the first time since I started, I felt like I could have done more… what?! It was kind of a nice feeling. And by nice I mean my thoughts went something like “eff you running! I OWN this!”.


According to my app, I only have nine sessions left to go before I technically should be able to run 5k. This intrigues me as I think the app lies… but we shall see.

That said, I did have to scale back. Originally I was running three times per week… plus lifting heavy three times per week… plus poling twice per week and truthfully whatever else I managed to get up to.

So after my body gave me a big STOP I scaled back to twice per week and it seems to be working for me.

And while I hate to admit it. I don’t despise the running sessions anymore.ย  On my second week I remember coming home and telling my husband that “if I make it through even five weeks of this shit I’ll be proud”. It was so horrible, I was so drained, worn out and angry from it I almost quit. But.. your body does adapt.

While I can’t say I love it, I will acknowledge it’s not horrifying ๐Ÿ˜›

So here’s to another four weeks of running.. I’ll let you know how it goes! And for all you hardcore runners out there… what the actual fuck?!

Just kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰