A Progress Update

It’s been four weeks since I posted my Journey Begins blog. Four weeks of slipping back into habit, committing to workouts and tightening up my nutrition.

So I figured an update was in order.

Truthfully, I’d say it’s been a pretty great four weeks. There were struggles- like trying to workout on an newborns schedule!- but there were also successes as well.

To start with, my lifts have improved immensely. I went back to a regular lifting routine and am proud at the increases in my weights (I managed to somehow add 10lbs to my bench press, 15 to my hip thrust and my deadlift is back up to bodyweight standards!).

BB Glute bridge2

Within the last four weeks I have managed to not miss one scheduled workout (yay!) though to be honest it’s something that I enjoy and obviously prioritize pretty highly. Newborn or not, those workouts get in!

Best workout partner ever!

Best workout partner ever!

My nutrition in the last four weeks has been pretty straightforward as well. While I am not a calorie counter I am proud at my choices. Indulgences have been regulated back to twice a week all of my macronutrients have remained constant.

While there have been a few slip ups (why I thought it would be a good idea to make my husband cookies on a Tuesday is beyond me) my overall consistency rate is around 85-90%– which I’m happy with.

So what have I accomplished?

Well, in the last four weeks I have lost 1.25 inches from my belly button, lost 1.25 inches from my lower belly (you know, that fun, post pregnancy pouch area :P) and gained 1 inch on my glutes (this was on purpose).

progress not perfection

So overall I’m pretty content.

And while my body is beginning to firm up, I am still nowhere near as hard as I as pre-pregnancy and that’s okay. Prior to becoming pregnant I was at my leanest I’ve ever been. I truthfully don’t think I’ll get back to that exact point (the effort just doesn’t seem worth it) but I am happy with the direction things are going.

Check out the pictures below from the last four weeks. While the changes may seem small, they are definitely there and I’m pretty happy with them.


Six Week Post Baby Side Shot

Six Week Post Baby Front Shot

Six Week Post Baby Front Side Shot-2

So am I done? Is this it? Hell no.

As always, this is a lifestyle for me and not just a four week destination. I enjoy what I do and love how my body responds. I will continue with my lifts and maintaining my nutritional consistency level (though I do have four Thanksgiving dinners coming up!).

I know my body will continue to respond and improve with each week.

So cheers to dedication, an awesome lifestyle and continuous progress. I’m not trying to be better than anyone else.. only myself from the day before 😉

Happy Habits 🙂

Ps. As I write this, my husband is walking in the door with pumpkin pie and whip cream… seriously?! Nutritional habits in this house can be difficult sometimes…

Pps. While my pictures show some pretty great results remember that they are just that: pictures. I have good days and bad days and bloated days just like everyone else. And while I have seen great results these past four weeks, pictures don’t show the process.. just a snapshot