A Foodie’s Friday Afternoon

We all know I’d a dork, but if there is one thing I adore, it’s a lonely Friday afternoon. With the house to myself (for a bit anyways) and some productiveness to burn this is a foodie’s guide to a kick ass Friday night…

Step One: Poor yourself a drink. I’m on a thing lately where I like to mash up some blueberries, and mix up some vodka, a shot of pomagranate juice and top the glass off with perrier.


Mashing up your own fruit for cocktails is awesome and allows you to not binge on juices/mix because it’s so flavorful!

Step Two: Ensure you have a glass of water nearby. Drunk baking is just not safe and I don’t allow hangovers anymore. Since alcohol stunts your thirst stimulators, every time you need a drink refill you shrug slug a glass of water first. It’s all about balance you know ๐Ÿ˜‰


First on the docket this past Friday was homemade maple, cinnamon, flaxseed almond butter! After everything was coated it was placed into the oven.

toasted almonds

Now, because I’m a multi-tasker, I took this almond backing time to jump right into starting a batch of no bake protein bars! Once patted down, into the freezer they went.

protein bars

Because my almonds still had a few minutes (like 7!!) I got right to work infusing my kombucha for the weekend! I’m in love with berry maple right now so that’s exactly what went in!


Once the almonds were out, I spent ten hard, mind numbing minuted blending them into creamy deliciousness in my vitamix!

almond butt

After pinfully cleaning the blender, I went to work on some homemade peanut butter…

Two kinds!

peanut butter

That’s right- TWO!

One is regular pb with a touch of cinnamon. The other is a PROTEIN peanut butter. I never thought someone could improve on pb but ohsheglows made it happen!

Now that I’m all buttered up it was chocolate time!!

The chocolate was melted and my protein bars were topped with it.. well most of it.. a lot went into my mouth first because I was convinced there was “extra”.

protein bars2

Then, simply because the going was good, I took the time to make some homemade body butter. I went for a vanilla-orange scent. I’m still perfecting the combination but this batch turned out pretty great… now to hunt out some proper packaging!

body butter

Well that’s about it. By the time I was one, the hubby was home and dinner and lazy movies were set to occur.. but not until i cleaned the disaster of a kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰