A Bit of Perspective

*Sigh* Relaxation is upon me at last. This past weekend- being May 24 and all- was a big dose of some much needed R&R. While most people think that working from home is simple and not a scheduling nightmare, there is always something to be done. Since there is no real “work day” often, programs are done at night, meal plans made weekend mornings etc. So relaxation isn’t really on the agenda.

You see, every year my fiancé’s family goes camping for May 24, a week in August and a weekend in October. Normally, we head up for one night or two nights at the most. This year, we went the whole nine yards. Friday-Monday. No agenda, no requirements and no reason not to eat cookies at all times of the day 😉


You learn a lot about yourself when camping with 29 other people. And in the past, I’ve learned that I love snacking- marshmallows, chips, cookies and whatever else makes it into my mouth. I’ve learned that day drinking is the best.. oh wait, night drinking is pretty awesome too… But this year, I switched it up a bit.

In anticipation of the weekend, I cooked, prepped and organized all my meals and snacks to avoid temptation of “Doritos sandwiches” and other figure horrible finger foods. Aside from the parents, I’m the only one who does this.


I also prepped a lot of beverages. I didn’t want to be completely smashed all weekend (which in itself is very different form previous trips) but I didn’t want to only have water either. So chilled tea, mocktails and some homemade juice spritzers were included too!

And this year, I learned that I can do it. I can be around a thousand temptations and only indulge in a few. I learned that when I say I will do something, I have committed to do it and it will get done (6:30am Sunday morning workout anyone?). I learned that staying out of nutritional conversations with more than 4 people is necessary- let’s be honest, I can fully admit I have very different views from “weight watchers”.

But my favorite thing about camping though is that I’m always the first one up- always.  I normally go to bed earlier than everyone so once the sun comes up I’m ready to go. This gives me time to either workout, take a forest walk or make some tea and read with the sun and my pup- it’s my favorite part.

^am Workout

I spent the majority of the weekend, well, relaxing! With no agenda, I felt perfectly entitled to laze around or do whatever takes my fancy. I did make it to the beach and run with the dog a bit, she also joined me for a Sunday morning workout, although she rolled around waiting for belly rubs and was not as productive as me 😛


I can’t explain how unbelievably proud of myself I was this weekend. Last time I went camping, I drank a 26er of rum my first night. This year, I brought and drank four coolers and a bit of vodka- literally, only a bit!

Not one hot dog, marshmallow or Doritos sandwich made it into my mouth. Not because I don’t “deserve” these things, or because I enjoy “depriving” myself, but because there were better things to splurge on. I had a few bites of the best dessert ever made. I had brought my own snacks and treats which I looked forward to.

One of the biggest struggles people have when following a plan (or in my case, a LIFESTYLE) is family gatherings. They just can’t seem not to shove crap into their mouths thinking they will “disappoint” their family. But the problem with family gatherings is that it’s not just one indulgence, it ends up a day/weekend long binge. Did I treat myself to some cheats? Yup I sure did! But I can do so because the other 97% of the day I didn’t.

While most of mine and Jackie’s family are accustomed to seeing me with my containers, I do get the odd glance, glare or snarky comment from new-comers. My thoughts on this are and always will be “I didn’t realize that the choices I make for my body affect your life so much”!

Remember that you’re body and you’re goals are top priority for you. If someone is offended by a simple choice of what you chose to fuel you’re body with, ignore them. They are simply curious because they need some help or jealous because they don’t have the determination to do it themselves.

headstandI love my body and I fuel it well. This weekend I proved to myself that I can enjoy a family gathering and still wake up refreshed the next day. I learned that four year-olds have the best view of life in the world “do what makes you happy”. And smiles, games of tag, healthy, toned physiques make me happy- oh and the occasional cookie for breakfast 😉