A Bad Practice

True to my post about getting back on track I have been utterly consistent this past week and a half with both diet and my workouts (yay!).

And for the most part, it’s felt awesome to be back into routine.. though I do miss all the pregnancy ice cream!

But today, I had a really shitty pole practice.

You see, as it turns out, pole is hard.

I know you’re all laughing right now but having become very accustomed to my personal skill level struggling with the most basic of things is a bit of a mental adjustment.

My practice started out well enough. I pounded out some spider climbs (one more than last week!) and was feeling pretty strong.

After taking a bit of a rest and playing with some spins I tested my strength with seated climbs. I was two pulls less than I normally would be, which isn’t bad.. but slightly discouraging.

I then spent my time working my way through old moves. Checking them off a list and  making sure I could still perform them.

While I can perform about 70% of them, they just don’t feel quite as awesome.

And then came shoulder mounts. Prior to my pregnancy my shoulder mount was a strong lift, in fact, I could deadlift in and get a pretty decent dragon fly.

2014 Pre Pregnancy

2014 Pre Pregnancy

So you can imagine my frustration, when I couldn’t get up. No seriously, I cannot shoulder mount. My abdominal muscles simply won’t let me.

This was a bit of a hard blow. My arms, while fatiguing are holding up resonably well. But my pain tolerance and my abs are not.

After my initial anger, I decided to try some combos instead. That went even worse. I get tired easily and feel like I can’t transition as fluidly as I should be able to.

By this point, about 40min into my practice I was most definitely upset. How the hell was I going to get back to a comfortable poling level?!

Then I reminded myself, that I was three weeks pot pregnancy three weeks. I’m not exactly giving myself much support in terms of getting back into it.

I mean, it took nine months to stretch my abdominals to this point. If I were my own client I’d be telling myself that it’s going to take a few months for the abdominal muscles to toughen up again.

So after a bit of a self pep talk I went back to the pole. I worked on every one of my weak points: shoulder mounts, climbs, chopper dismounts etc. By the end, I was sweaty and far less upset.

So here’s your lesson: bad practices happen. Bad days happen. And that’s ok.

Regardless of weather or not you have a valid reason for them they still happen. Beating yourself up over them is a waste of time. Instead, embrace them and improve them.

Remember: one day is only part of the journey

Stay Positive 🙂